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Zhangjiagang beverage packaging machinery project details

by:Xinmao     2021-02-22
Zhangjiagang city xinmao drink machinery co. , LTD is a professional engaged in beverage packaging machinery and all kinds of water treatment equipment design and manufacture of high-tech enterprises. With food and complete sets of machinery more than 40 years production practice, talent and rich experience. The company has introduced advanced technology at home and abroad, improve their own products, in the user enjoys a high reputation. The current production - 2000 12000 bottles of mineral water, pure water, tea drinks/hour room temperature ( Hot) Filling bottled production line, 60 300 b / 2000 - five gallons of bottled production line When 8000 bottles/gas beverage production line, 1000 - 8000 bottles/vinegar, wine filling production line, fruit juice, tea, protein beverage production line, all kinds of water treatment production line and so on six big series of complete sets of beverage machinery and equipment, mature products, good quality. Not only the best-selling domestic and exported to Russia, Vietnam, Singapore, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Nigeria, suriname, Indonesia and other more than 10 countries and regions, well received by customers. Company with technology innovation, pay attention to the reliability of the overall performance to meet the needs of customers, for the highest goal we desire, in providing customers with beverage machinery design, manufacture, installation and debugging of the project, such as after-sales service, technical training of turnkey project at the same time, also can provide drinks production construction or update the expansion of the project, in the process layout, engineering, budget, etc, to provide comprehensive consulting service of form a complete set, the core technology to share with you, we will provide you reliable service is our aim. Headquarters of beverage machinery is a professional production of woodworking machinery manufacturers. Beverage machinery main products are: paper machine, coating machine, cutting machine, such as automatic beverage machinery and equipment, its products are widely used in wenqi door, decorative materials, surface treatment and other manufacturers. Our company strictly in accordance with the quality management system standards for production management. Headquarters of beverage machinery & other; To the quality strives for the survival, to management efficiency, the good faith management & throughout; Is our purpose, warmly welcome all those calls, letter guidance, business negotiations. Beverage machinery headquarters always implement & other; Began in market development, and finally customer satisfaction & throughout; The management idea, serve you with high quality and low price, is willing to work with you together to build a high quality of life. Basic system of enterprise: people-oriented, employees are our greatest wealth, trust must respect employees, attaches great importance to the employees and employees, gives every employee the same training, further education, a raise, promotion opportunities, we are working together to make employee satisfaction. Business philosophy: responsible for the staff, responsible for the customer. Enterprise purpose: protect the interests of the customers and meet the requirements of customers personalized, creating culture value for customers, the pursuit of customer satisfaction beverage machinery in the gold medal in gold products, gold medal service, building construction enterprise tenet, to wood processing enterprises to provide high quality, high efficiency, reliable and practical wood processing equipment and production line. Technically we have outstanding technical development personnel, on the idea, we firmly aimed at the world advanced wood processing technology, according to the present condition of the woodworking industry in China and secondary development, strive to build a truly practical efficient economical and reliable first-class products. Xinmao absorbs the advanced technology of Germany and Japan, beverage machinery production and technology accumulation for many years, the production of high quality of small and medium-sized beverage production line and complete sets of machinery.
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