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Zhangjiagang beverage bottling industry prospect analysis

by:Xinmao     2021-02-21
Beverage packaging machine was zui now popular a kind of packaging machinery, improve the automatic control level of the entire packaging production line, production capacity, can greatly improve the quality of food and beverage packaging production equipment, improve the domestic and international competition ability. Real relief is the real beginning from now, we clearly recognize that today's life, already cannot leave the presence of liquid filling machine. Optimize filling production line into various production enterprise core work in the past, filling machine and not the user the choice method of the enterprise, because of its special work principle of production line which can realize the product from the raw material into the packaging equipment, after processing, transport, assembly, inspection and a series of production activities of route. The production line has great flexibility, can meet the needs of the many kinds of production. The application of filling machine can realize high food, medicine, daily chemical enterprises quantity production, and help enterprises to realize high-speed production purpose. Filling production line of the system has many shortcomings in the past, including purchasing cost is high, the big and heavy equipment, installation difficulties, the high cost of maintenance and so on. Now, the defects of filling production line has been replaced by the advanced technology and a new filling production line system, more and more enterprises begin to pay close attention to and use of filling machine production line, they can begin to realize filling production line for its benefits. Filling production line in food, medicine, daily chemical production enterprises play an important role in optimizing the filling production line is directly related with the quality of the products and production efficiency, thus become the topic of the enterprises have to focus on mass production. In recent years, the beverage industry developing rapidly, carbonated drinks, juice drinks, vegetable juice drinks, containing milk beverage, bottled water, tea drinks, such as enrich the varieties, production of 'red' makes the equipment the demand of the market also is 'bull market'. Domestic filling production line of beverage filling equipment in our country the basic development is developed on the basis of the introduction of equipment and technology, in the eighty s, the introduction of a variety of beverage filling production line more than 300, including the beer filling line of more than 500. This causes the drug packaging machinery manufacturers in the production of packaging machine as much as possible to reduce the product cost, the low price of spare parts, in order to improve the price competitiveness of products. Today, especially medicament, beverages, machinery, such as the filling machinery with high speed, complete, high degree of automation and reliability is good wait for a characteristic, is the current development trend towards filling machinery industry. Filling machine to comply with the trend of automation to the development of the current number, model number and support form a complete set of difference between enterprises of different, less bulk, become the problems existing in the development of filling machine, we need to improve the level of CNC equipment manufacturing number, informationization level, and ensure product quality, etc. , and the current lack of independent intellectual property products, less original products and technology content is low, there is no specific domestic university of filling machine professional to provide professional talents for the industry, the existing problems are directly restricts the development of packaging industry. To make filling machine adapt to the development of processing industry, need to constantly improve the level of product technology, strengthen independent innovation and competitiveness, implement the strategy of sustainable development. With the continuous development of automation level in our country, the filling machine can not only use single, and in supporting the use of the production line. Filling machine manufacturers in the world are attaches great importance to the infrastructure construction of filling machine, because with the strong development of social economy, whether individuals or large enterprises are constantly develop and grow, they are more and more in the direction of automation development, the production line for realizing the automation of the user enterprise production plays an important role. According to this situation, more and more filling machine manufacturers will be more filling machine equipment used in production line, and other packaging equipment, such as: screw cap machine, labeling machine, printing machine and so on with work, so as to better realize the automation development of enterprise needs. Nowadays is a period of rapid development of science and technology, filling machine production not only should conform to the need of modern automated production to a great extent, but also effectively improve the quality of products, to meet the market demand and customer different production.
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