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Why glass bottle beverage production line of glass bottles of coke will be tastier than plastic bottles

by:Xinmao     2021-04-06
Why glass bottle beverage production line of glass bottles of coke will be tastier than plastic bottles at the time of coke, some people like drinking glass bottles, because the glass bottle of soda has a feeling of nostalgia; Someone likes to drink cans, cans with the cold; Because also somebody likes to drink plastic bottles, plastic bottles convenient, don't drink it out at any time can be placed in the bag after continue to drink. However there are also many people think that the taste of coke, is a good in cans, glass bottles cans and plastic bottles. Whether this is a personal subjective feelings, or does have a taste of differences between different packaging? Glass bottles of tastier than cans of coke, and cans of coke and tastier than plastic bottles. That is because different packaging different profits, manufacturers with flavors of tiny difference to guide the consumption? “ Gas & throughout; Difference subjective taste difference is random reporter interviewed several people, to know whether they feel different packing has different taste of coke. Most people don't think to drink out of different flavors, but also have a period of time after residents said open really is a little difference. Respondents told reporters Lin & other; Drink a glass bottles of coke, think a little, a drink, so feel glass bottles & lsquo; Gas & rsquo; Will be enough. When drinking cans will be almost finished quickly, but a little longer than the glass bottle. If a plastic bottles, not to drink at a time, often open the drink a bit and screw the lid on. Feel like to drink after zui gas a lot less. Zui is clearly huge, drink 2 l don't have any gas after drinking to zui, taste is not good as at first. ” Journalists trying to pour the different packaging of coke to drink in the glass, almost can't tell what's on the taste difference. Lin view represents a part of the consumer's point of view, not coke tastes have changed, but the different packing will lead to different drinking habits, zui will eventually because of carbon dioxide and other Gas & throughout; The difference and difference make subjective taste. Glass bottle zui is not easy to leak gas so it zui in shells, online research biological engineering professional talent Norris said, & other; Carbonated drinks is mainly of carbon dioxide content in the taste. Differed from the plastic bottles and cans, plastic belongs to high polymer material, between molecular arrangement must be no metal atoms, thus leading to more easy to leak, carbon dioxide gas in the same bottle of carbonated drinks is not easy to leak. So it caused the glass bottles, cans of coke taste better than plastic bottles. ” Better than plastic bottles in sealing cans, carbon dioxide saved more fully. Glass bottles, cans and plastic bottles, filling the pressure is certain, just the factory of the coke, the three packing way in carbon dioxide the taste of the causes of difference is not big. But in the process of transportation storage, plastic bottles and cans of these two approaches, leads to the pressure drop for packaging deformation, bottle does not exist the problem. In addition, glass, cans, aluminum shell and plastic shell permeability may still have differences. Need only clean glass properties is stable, the lining can be used; But aluminum cans made of wall is actually some coatings, plastic wall is also similar. Plastic or plastic coating could react with coke liquid in the process of storage, which affects on the palate. First contact drinks at different positions of the tongue, the taste is different also, also some people think that because of the cans and plastic bottles mouth shape is different, caused by contact with the tongue position is different, which in turn cause taste difference: drink cans, coke on the tongue contact, palate is rich, the bubbles and sweet taste more sensitive, so feel better. When drinking bottled, coke directly into at the back of the tongue, taste is better than the former, but due to a large number of bubbles directly into the stomach, will feel more relaxed. A business of imported beer tells a reporter, in also have customers in the same type of beer in beer, glass bottles to be better than cans of taste.
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