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What kind of beverage machinery more for beverage factory of glass bottle beverage production line

by:Xinmao     2021-04-06
What kind of beverage machinery is more suitable for glass bottle beverage production line of beverage factory in recent years, the beverage machinery industry in our country have the development by leaps and bounds, according to a detailed investigation of the market this year, China's domestic beverage machinery sales rising, imported equipment began to decline in the market. Believe that through our continuous efforts, must have to squeeze foreign beverage machinery, beverage machinery and equipment in the near future China can certainly among the international market, constantly growing, catch up with and even surpass the developed countries of the equipment. In past years, many companies willing to a high price to buy imported beverage machinery and equipment, also don't want to buy domestic beverage machinery products, mainly because the domestic production of beverage machinery and equipment, while the price is low, but has bigger difference on the technical performance, and cannot meet the production requirements, quality is often some of this or that kind of problem, to the production enterprise to bring the huge losses. So, a lot of people on domestic beverage machinery and equipment are off, instead of import beverage machinery and equipment is very reliable, is recognized for its quality and performance, mechanical strength, it's growing foreign drinks make beverage machinery development in our country has been in a backward state, development. But everything is not invariable, beverage machinery industry in China after nearly 30 years of development, also has obtained the encouraging result, equipment performance, quality, function, technology and so on various aspects have the bigger progress, although can't surpass the foreign advanced equipment, but has been basically can meet the production requirements of our country. Through constant technological learning, innovation ability enhancement, domestic beverage machinery type is more and more complete, and is based on the specific needs of the domestic market and more research and development design, on the equipment after-sales service also is very convenient, convenient for customers to provide door-to-door service, these are all can't be matched by foreign equipment, so choose to drink machinery or home-made equipment is more suitable. As our living standard unceasing enhancement, lifestyle changes, the demand for all kinds of goods are also constantly increased, especially the demand such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical products are growing, now the era of mechanization, the industry's development is inseparable from the beverage machinery, is one of the equipment used in our country is populous, therefore also has the huge development of beverage machinery market. Zui beverage machinery technology level backward in our country, at the beginning of the production scale is small, a lot of beverage machinery and equipment are imported from abroad, with the strengthening of trade among countries, many foreign beverage machinery enterprise began to come home, grab a bigger share of the market, it is disadvantageous for beverage machinery development in our country.
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