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What kind of beverage machinery and equipment in China at present roughly divided into? - Company news - Filling machine, beverage machinery and equipment, beverage production line,

by:Xinmao     2021-01-21
Our country's existing beverage machinery production equipment, Including import equipment) Can be divided into two types: one is domestic production & other; Two filling equipment & throughout; And another is the introduction of or through the introduction of equipment, technology digestion and absorption of production & other; A mixed filling production equipment & throughout; 。 (1) two filling production equipment filling production equipment, refers to the syrup and water filling twice, mixing machine mixing water and only. coz, don't mix syrup. When filling filling machine by the syrup into the bottle first, then by filling machine will mix water into the bottle. Its defect is: equipment production capacity is low, workers labor intensity big, can't guarantee product quality, equipment failure, loss is big. (2) a mixed filling a mixed filling production equipment, production equipment refers to the syrup and water automatic batching, a stick, a filling, cancelled the milking machine. It has great progress than two filling equipment: first, the production of soft drinks, and stable quality air content enough; Second, the soft drinks production pollution is small, good sanitation; Third, equipment production capacity, high light, popular two seasons production balance, benefit balance, use the factory benefit is good. At present, the domestic production of a stick or filling production equipment companies have light ministry nanjing and hefei light factory, light ministry by xi 'an light machine, etc. In the late seventy s and early eighty s, has successively from Germany, Japan, in China, the democratic Germany, mani industry age, the Czech republic, Sweden and other countries introduced: glass bottle filling production line 119, tetra pak filling line 3, the enrichment of 27 meters juice production lines, easy pull cover 2 cans filling line article, 26 production lines for the crown cover, introduction of easy pull cover 2 cans production line 13, plastic bottle filling production line 10, polyphenol glass amphibious filling line 6, 5 composite flexible packaging production lines and so on!
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