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What is to promote enterprise continuously introduce new beverage drink

by:Xinmao     2021-02-13
As people living standard rise, Chinese consumers pay more attention to health. Nielsen survey of cities from one to four cities, consumers concerned about the health without exception, in the second place. Consumers of health care is increasing day by day, is in recent years to the layout of vitamin drink beverage enterprise in the field of an important reason. Cic advisory to health food industry researcher thought, with the upgrading of consumer health needs, health drinks become the new darling of the market, growth than any other beverages, and market share is more and more big, the market potential is tremendous. Under this background, the enterprises are layout is the best policy. The market is dynamic, consumer demand is constantly changing. Danone said in an interview, the Chinese beverage responsibility is constantly focused on consumer demand change, provide consumers with healthy, in line with the product they're looking for. Both pulsating with yue, the future must keep to interact with the depth of the consumer and pay close attention to, and on this basis, provide can bring a surprise to consumer products. I want to be the market leader, tolerance for solitude, stand to make mistakes. According to statistics, every year China new drinks emerge in endlessly but in the end is for this reason, such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi world class beverage giant, they face a new market slightly conservative, that is why it was not until last year and this year they started in China into an important cause of vitamin beverage market. As drinks hot sales also pushed the beverage machinery enterprise, continuous innovation development of beverage machinery.
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