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What is there in the glass bottle beverage production line in the design of innovation

by:Xinmao     2021-04-04
At present, numerous manufacturer of glass bottle beverage production line, on the market model is multifarious, xinmao is a glass bottle beverage production line manufacturers, the company is a collection product development, technical services, new product development in the integration of drinking machine manufacturing enterprises, has * technology research and development and experienced technical team, the company main products are glass bottle beverage production line, such as soda production line, if you have any demand for our products, welcome to continue to pay attention to the company or directly! At present, the domestic beverage market expands unceasingly, for drink production line manufacturers, competition is more intense, compared to the other similar products on the market, this company produces the glass bottle beverage production line are designed to fully consider the use and maintenance of late, generally follow the following principles: 1, product design, humanization, as far as possible when the design should fully consider the operators use requirements. Password should be easy to understand such as touch screen, touch screen as far as possible in the operator easily by hand touched the place, and so on. 2, machine configuration must be guaranteed. Due to high-speed beverage filler operating speed, so the machine configuration must be high, such as motor, PLC, frequency converter, photoelectric switch, guide rail, etc. , should try to use the product. 3, in addition, in glass bottle beverage production line of design process to fully consider the machine volume factor. It is because of the unique design principle, and the company has the glass bottle beverage production line has the following advantages: 1, long service life: because of the ultrafiltration machine adopts vertical cross filtering principle, automatic cleaning, it is not easy dirty, so filter service life under normal use for common 30 - water purifier 50 times. 2, low cost, because of the ultrafiltration flux machine is big, long service life, maintenance free, so the cost of per ton water purification processing only one yuan, far less than other purification plant. 3, large flux, at the same time satisfy the direct drinking, beauty, bathing, eating, cleaning and hygiene, etc. 4, high precision, complete filter bacteria in water, rust, colloid, macromolecular substances such as organic matter. Retention of trace elements beneficial to human body health, purifying water and turbidity of microbes such as main index is better than that of bottled drinking water hygiene standards. More information about glass bottle beverage production line, welcome to continue to pay attention to our company!
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