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What is the use and technical parameters of ozone generator?

by:Xinmao     2021-01-09
A, the purpose of the ozone generator XG series ozone generator belongs to the beverage machinery, it is a very versatile product. As a disinfectant is mainly used for: tap water, mineral water, beverage, water of swimming pool, hospital sewage sterilization, deodorant, in addition to taste; The purification of AIRS in public places. Of preservation of fruits, vegetables, eggs, etc. Second, the technical parameters of model power V/HZ subprime adjustable voltage KV discharge area of M2 standard air inflow m3 / h work ℃ dry air dew point pressure Map of ozone concentration mg/L g/h power consumption (KWH/kgo3XG - production 1220/508 - 150. 170. 4 - 0. 6≤ - 40≤ 0. 088 - 184. 5 - 515 - 18 xg - 30. 51. 25 - 1. 813. 5 - 15 xg - 71. 22. 9 - 4. 530 - 15 xg - 193. 38 - 1285 - 95 xg - 427. 217. 5 - 26190 - 210
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