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What is the role of fermentation tank in beverage machinery?

by:Xinmao     2021-04-27
A, definitions, fermentation tank in beverage machinery is used for training the closed container microorganisms or cells or biological reaction device. Can be used for research, analyze, or production. There are many on the material, size and shape of different products. The most commonly used for stirring tank reactor. Second, the role for anaerobic fermentation ( Such as the production of alcohol, solvents) The fermentation tank structure is simple. For aerobic fermentation ( Such as antibiotics, amino acids, organic acids, vitamins, etc. ) To jar fermentation tank for continuous access to a large number of sterile air, and to consider going into the air utilization ratio and so on the fermentation tank structure is relatively complex, the commonly used mechanical agitator fermentation tank, bubbling fermentation tank and l fermentation tank. Dairy products, alcohol fermentation is a process of sterile, no pollution, fermentation tank used the sterile system, avoid and prevent the contamination of microorganism in the air, greatly extend the shelf life of the product and the product is pure, tanks on the specially designed installed sterile sterile positive pressure breathing pores or fermentation system. On the tanks with milo board or labyrinth jacket, can connect into the heating or cooling medium for heating or cooling. Fermentation tank capacity by 300 15000 l a variety of different specifications. Fermentation tank by using range can be divided into biological fermentation tank, beer fermentation tank, wine fermentation tank, etc. Fermentation tank is widely used in dairy products, beverages, biological engineering, pharmaceutical, fine chemical industries, tanks with interlining, insulation, heating, cooling, heat preservation. Tanks and filling head up and down, Or a prototype) Adopt spinning R Angle processing, tank wall by the mirror polishing processing, no health dead Angle, and totally enclosed design to ensure that the material has always been a pollution-free mixing, fermentation, under the condition of equipment is equipped with air breathing hole, CIP cleaning nozzle and manhole device, etc. Three, the classification of fermentation tank according to the fermentation tank equipment, divided into mechanical mixing ventilation and mechanical ventilation fermentation tank, according to the growth of microbial metabolic needs divided into aerobic fermentation tank and anaerobic fermentation pot fermentation tank is a kind of mechanical agitation and fermentation of materials equipment. The device adopts the inner loop method, with the impeller scattered and broken bubble, which dissolved oxygen rate is high, the mixing effect is good. Tanks using imported SUS304 or 316 l stainless steel, the tank is equipped with automatic spray cleaning head, ensure production processes comply with GMP requirements.
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