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What is the mechanical operation of the water treatment equipment

by:Xinmao     2021-02-10
Xinmao beverage packaging machinery of water treatment equipment operation principle is the use of raw water, Tap water, surface water, groundwater) Through the quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, softener, precision filter, by high-pressure pump raw water reverse osmosis unit output directly to the product water. Suitable for making pure water, mineral water, etc. Water treatment equipment are in need of permeability, and permeability is a natural phenomenon. Penetration is water through a semipermeable membrane, in order to achieve the balance of solvent chemical potential from one side to the high solute concentration low solute concentration. Osmotic pressure difference on both sides is to balance the membrane. And reverse osmosis means if on one side of the high pressure, can put the stop and reverse the above mentioned penetration effect, make the forced water from high to low concentration of one side, the water purification. There is also a kind of ultrafiltration system, it is typically used for making mineral water, mountain spring, etc. , is the pressure as the driving force, using ultrafiltration membrane of different aperture separation process of the impurity in the liquid. At present in the water treatment industry, polypropylene hollow fiber type most application components. Through the water treatment equipment of treated water ultrafiltration system, then provide pure water triad filling unit, juice, pulp and filling unit, four hot filling triad one machine, non-gas beverage production line xinmao drink etc.
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