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by:Xinmao     2021-01-04
Mechanical characteristics of the mixing machine has what drink 1, mixed evenly, matching. Because using a combination of advanced technology, mixing, the mixture of water and sugar than by measuring needle valve with fine tuning for the strict control, its precision can reach five over one thousand. 2, material selection, processing fine. All parts in contact with the beverage ( Such as containers, pipes, etc. ) Selects the high quality low carbon stainless steel, the essence of both internal and external surface polishing, it completely meets the requirement of international food sanitation standard. 3, automatic alarm. The machine the tank pressure, liquid level, etc are automatically adjust, PLC control the whole process of the operation. In the event of failure, will automatically alarm and automatically stop, and reset automatically after starting. 4, air content, number of first class. The mixer adopts room temperature vacuum deaeration, deoxidizing rate above 90%, and is equipped with a plate heat exchanger will be secondary carbonate sugar water mixture cools, so the air content is high. 5, since cleaning and hygiene. This machine is equipped with a cleaning device for in situ, don't remove any parts ( Container type pipe) Can be for the interior of the mixing machine and filling machine for automatic cleaning and disinfection, the machine in the production of beverages, per milliliter of bacteria. 6, good operation, easy to adjust. It has special operation is convenient, as long as according to the prescribed procedures, in turn, turn knobs, normal operation can be realized; Don't have to replace any parts that can be easily adjust production capacity, ratio of water and sugar and air content, etc.
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