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What is the development trend of beverage machinery?

by:Xinmao     2020-12-19
Xinmao drink machinery is the development trend of continuous innovation, constantly develop new and high technology of beverage machinery, and can affect the whole production line of high efficiency beverage machinery. For the moment, beverage machinery across the country are in high quality, high speed, high precision, in order to adapt to the current beverage manufacturing industry, to make more economic benefit, we are already towards large-scale development of the beverage machinery and equipment. For example, non-gas beverage production line within the carbonated beverage filling equipment top speed can reach 2000 cans/min now. Rather than a carbonated beverage filling equipment has the highest speed can reach 1500 cans/min. In addition, now many machine contains many functions, can be used a variety of categories of liquid solutions, or all kinds of bottle and bottle filling sealing. Such as coffee, milk, fruit juice, tea and so on these drinks hot filling, also can give glass bottles and pet bottles. Finally, to meet the mechanical and electrical integration. Now many kinds of drinks machinery are editable, large equipment by computer operation, able to check the fault, it will not solve the problem directly warning, very smart. And high yield, reliability, big, can affect the cost of the whole production line of the quality and efficiency. So for the moment. Xinmao drink machinery important is high quality, high speed, high precision, complete function and mechanical and electrical integration, toward a higher request, the better for the future development.
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