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What is indispensable beverage production line equipment?

by:Xinmao     2020-11-27
Xinmao beverage packaging machinery of beverage production line is now mainly water treatment system, bottle machine, bottle washer, unscramble bottle machine and filling machine and so on, these are one of the important steps, so are indispensable. Now this society there are many emerging enterprises, however, is generally 24000 ~ 36000 bottles per hour of beverage production line in high speed. First up to now, many large famous beverage machinery company has grown to 36000 bottles per hour of beverage production line. Before this, want to have more than 18000 bottles/hour beverage production line can only be imported, but its price is super high, almost, is also our domestic enterprises, can only use machine operation is lower than it, so that the product is also not good abroad. But now is not the same, we keep the progress of development, now has been very good, very advanced beverage machinery and equipment. The major part of beverage production line is we need to focus on one by one: water treatment system: our machine operation process, with most of the raw materials are water water good bad is also one of the important elements that affect the quality of the product. So we treat water treatment system is very serious, we mainly divided into: water filtration equipment, water softening equipment and water disinfection sterilization equipment. Blunt bottle machine: the bottle blowing machines, in view of our family, study, absorption, is a combination of Chinese and foreign advanced technology, to produce the satisfactory equipment. It is suitable for the production of plastic water bottles washing, can use single, many large and medium-sized enterprises can use. Bottle washing machine, bottle washer is one of the important component, it is widely used, suitable for many bottles, can be a glass bottle, plastic bottles, etc. , by using the method of brush or water for special equipment. Unscramble bottle machine: so long, unscramble bottle machine is connected to blunt bottle machine, bottle washing machine, has a high use. Ordered it from a mess about plastic, on the conveyor belt, is to save a lot of manpower, and efficient, is an integral part of the whole beverage production line. Filling machine, filling machine is belong to one of the packaging machinery, is also very important in beverage production line at the end of the part of the job, for the product protection is very strong, so it is now a lot of beverage machinery industry leader.
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