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What is a water softening equipment, he contain what kind of equipment?

by:Xinmao     2021-03-10
Beverage equipment water treatment equipment with ion exchange, reverse osmosis, electrodialysis. Here are some simple introduction: 1, the electrodialyzer electrodialysis in industry, as a kind of separation, enrichment, purification and recycling process of new technology, widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. Application in the food industry is mainly concentrated on soft drinks, beer, water purification processing, in the soft drinks factory used to soften water ( Desalination) 。 Electrodialysis technology is through a choice ion exchange membrane permeability and good electrical conductivity, the plus and the effect of dc field, according to the principle of opposites attract, the same, anion and cation in the raw water respectively by anion exchange membrane and cation membrane so as to achieve a technology of purification effect. 2, ion exchanger ion exchanger is a device that is commonly used in water treatment, it can choose a certain process, make or in addition to salt water softening. The main is to use some of the ion exchanger ions in raw water don't need temporary fixation, reduce the content of these ions in water to the required level. By ion exchange agent fixation, was released in the regenerative liquid, exchanger and reusable. That is to say, the essence of which is insoluble in the electrolyte ( Resin) With another kind of electrolytes in the solution of the physical and chemical reaction, i. e. exchangeable ion on the resin and the solution of other gay ion exchange reaction. 3, ro reverse osmosis equipment is the application of the largest and the most mature technology relatively membrane technology and its application in the field of the membrane separation about half, is one of the biggest breakthrough in the development of membrane technology. Reverse osmosis is a solvent in solution by reverse osmosis membrane separation. From the application of reverse osmosis desalination, water softening, etc to vitamins, antibiotics, hormones and other enrichment, separation of bacteria, viruses, and fruit juice, milk, coffee from many aspects, such as the enrichment of a wide application. Reverse osmosis equipment advantage is continuous operation, product quality is stable; No need to use soda acid regeneration; Will not stop by renewable; Save the recoil and clean water; To produce high yield ultrapure water ( Production rate can be as high as 95%) ; Recycled sewage water treatment facilities; Operation and maintenance cost is low; Installation is simple and low cost. Reverse osmosis key facilities in the production of pure water, there are two: one is a selective membrane, we call it a semipermeable membrane, the second is a certain pressure. In simple terms, on the reverse osmosis membrane has many holes, these holes the size and the size of water molecules, due to bacteria, viruses, most of the organic pollutants and hydrated ion is much bigger than the water molecules, so can't through the reverse osmosis membrane and reverse osmosis membrane separation of water. In many impurities in the water solubility of tears is the most difficult to remove. As a result, often with the discretion to determine the reverse osmosis desalination rate of water purification effect, the discretion of the reverse osmosis desalination rate mainly depends on the selectivity of reverse osmosis membrane. At present, the high selectivity of reverse osmosis membrane element desalination rate can be as high as 99. 7%. Reverse osmosis separation, must be in the film - first Solution form priority adsorption layer interface, preferential adsorption depends on the solution of chemical properties and chemical properties of the membrane surface, as long as choosing the appropriate membrane material, and simply change the microporous structure of the membrane surface and the operating conditions of reverse osmosis technology can be applicable to any degree of separation separation of solutes. The company has all kinds of beverage machinery and equipment production, quality!
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