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What is a unscramble bottle machine in the beverage machinery?

by:Xinmao     2021-03-09
A definition, unscramble bottle machine in the case of clutter is to plastic, its dispersion and regularly sending bottles lined up stand on to bring, in order to accord with the requirement of highly automated. Unscramble bottle machine is used for bottles of mixed and disorderly piled up, and make it have order direction is arranged on the conveyor belt, high-speed and efficient spread to other machinery (next procedure Such as filling, labeling, packing, etc. ) So as to improve the production efficiency of the whole production line, is one of the indispensable beverage machinery equipment, his English name is Bottle Unscrambler. Second, the technical parameters of model ModelLP - 1LP- 2LP- Diameter of the Diameter (3 mm) The Production Capacity of 2450026003000 Production Capacity ( 瓶/小时) 8000 - 1000012000 - 1500018000 - Air Pressure is 24000 Gas Soure Pressure ( Mpa) 0. 70. 70. 7 Gas Gas Consuming Volume ( M3 / min) 0. 40. 60. Bottle Type 8 adapt Suitable Bottle Type ( mm) Bottle diameter ( 瓶子直径) @ 50 - 90 bottles of high, 高度) 150 - 290 Motor Power Main Motor Power ( 千瓦) 1. 52. 24 the Weight Weight ( kg) 300040006000 Overall dimensions Overall Dimension ( LxWxH) ( mm) 3100年x2450x22003300x2600x22003700x3000x2200
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