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What is a reverse osmosis unit in the beverage machinery?

by:Xinmao     2021-03-09
A, reverse osmosis water treatment device The characteristics of reverse osmosis membrane separation technology: ( 1) , at room temperature under the condition of no phase change, can be carried out on the solute and water separation, is suitable for the separation and enrichment of heat sensitive material; Compared with the phase separation method, energy consumption is low. ( 2) Wide, impurity removal, can remove organic matter and inorganic matter, bacteria, viruses, etc. ( 3) , desalination rate is high, can achieve more than 99% ( 4) , separation device is simple, easy to operate, control and maintenance. ( 5) Water quality in water, have certain requirements, such as pollution density index ( SDI15) ≤ 5, turbidity < 1. 0 ntu, ensure no residual chlorine or similar oxides. Second, reverse osmosis water treatment device in the beverage machinery with the industry more and more high to the requirement of using water, coupled with the continuous development of membrane material, membrane method, membrane separation technology also got great extend. Among them, the reverse osmosis membrane treated water also got very good development. Three principle of reverse osmosis water treatment device, a semipermeable membrane solution is separated from the pure solvent, because there is a concentration difference, pure solvent will spread to solution on one side, this is called infiltration. If at the side of the solution pressure, the pressure more than osmotic pressure and solution on the side of the solvent will toward pure solvents on one side of the flow, so as to realize the separation of the solute and the solvent, this is called reverse osmosis. Four use range, reverse osmosis water treatment device is mainly used in electronic, chemical industry, printing and dyeing, food, pharmaceutical and drinking pure water, etc.
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