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What beverage machinery sterilization equipment

by:Xinmao     2021-05-12
Beverage machinery sterilization method is developed and the corresponding beverage sterilization equipment sort is more, to be processed material shape classification respectively has the following three kinds: 1, canned beverage sterilization equipment, canned drinks and bottled drinks such as a packaging container of beverage, sterilization equipment for handling such materials according to the sterilization temperature can be divided into different atmospheric pressure sterilization equipment and pressure sterilization equipment. Atmospheric pressure sterilization equipment sterilization temperature is below 100 ℃, for pH value is less than 4. Five drinks products sterilization. Use canned pasteurized principle design of sterilization equipment category. Pressure sterilization equipment generally conducted in airtight device, the pressure is greater than zero. 1 mpa, commonly used temperature about 120 ℃. Atmospheric pressure and pressure sterilization equipment can be divided into intermittent and continuous in operation. According to the sterilization equipment can be divided into different heat source and direct steam heating sterilization equipment, water heating sterilization equipment, fire continuous sterilization machine, etc. 2, fluid beverage sterilization equipment, fluid without packaging of milk, fruit juice drinks, etc materials. To deal with this kind of material of sterilization equipment and has a direct or indirect. Direct type sterilization is tidy spray directly into the material. Indirect use plate, pipe heat changer for drinks heat sterilization. 3, the use of electromagnetic wave physical sterilization equipment sterilization equipment for this class is to use the physics such as microwave, infrared, ultraviolet radiation for heating sterilization, sterilization equipment is a kind of future development.
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