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What aspects can focus on developing in the beverage equipment?

by:Xinmao     2021-04-25
Many countries in the world of beverage packaging machinery and equipment, production lines, manufacturing group and multinational companies, large sums of money in and organize professional staff to develop research, strive to accelerate the beverage packaging machinery and equipment mechanical and electrical integration. Its development and research focus of the content can be summarized the following respects: 1, a variety of base material bag packing, filling, multi-function type filling and sealing, for paper, plastic, aluminum foil, composite materials such as base material of multi-function packaging for homework. 2, more material packaging machine ( Filling machine, filling machine), , for liquid, half flow, viscous state, pulp state, and solid particles, particles, powder, sheet, strip, block and strange form of different shape objects in packaging machine. 3, energy saving, Water, electricity, oil, steam, etc. ) Save resources, Raw materials, auxiliary materials, etc. ) Consumption model, as well as waste recycling machine. 4, small energy consumption, big output power, good dynamic stability performance, low noise, low pollution models. More than 5, steelyard machine, from g & ndash; Kg, from kg & ndash; Dozens of kilograms ( Replacement of weighing, hopper) , in addition to a progress to improve the mechanical, electronic sensor weighing, no interference of light sensor, make sure to material weighing precision. 6, more than base material bag making machine, it can be for a single multilayer paper bags with plastic film bag, aluminium foil compound bag and paper-plastic compound bag processing and manufacturing of multifunctional machine. More than 7, shape packing machine, it can be to a square, rectangle, round, oval, triangle, pillow, bar, and strange form of different shape of packaging machine and other packing materials. 8, a variety of resin molding machine, extruder, a variety of resin variety of blown film machine, as well as a variety of resin salivate multi-function machine. 9, reduce weight, reduce the occupied space, compact structure, easy installation and replacement, less maintenance, Less) Fault assignments, and on-line fast repair and non-stop to repair the production line.
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