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What are the set of marking machine in the beverage packaging machinery characteristics?

by:Xinmao     2021-03-24
Beverage packaging machinery in the set of marking machine has the following features: 1, beautiful modelling is exquisite, the overall architecture, when using a more lightweight flexible. 2, exclusive design reciprocating cutter, mining institutions combination, rigid body movements smooth, double the knives' service life. 3, simple type center column positioning, specifications and easy replacement, operators are easy to use, manipulation of the simplicity, easiness, completely avoid the trouble users. 4 the positioning precision, high quality, full mechanical transmission design, USES the force of label, a variety of membrane is zero. Fit for more than 035 mm film thickness, film material inside diameter 5 - - 10 range can be adjusted. 5 supplies, low maintenance cost: the abandon blade with low cost, easy to change, and low costs. 6, leading the industry a new structure design, more solid quality and excellence, it is by no means existing domestic products can be. 7, the native structure component is simple and easy, to ensure low failure rate, maintenance is simple. Eight full range of security, the main body of safety box, is actually a intimate design. 9, suitable for all kinds of bottle of juice, tea drinks, dairy products, pure water, condiments, beer, sports drinks and other food and beverage machinery industry, not only of label position accuracy is high, and the more prominent bottle perfect bottle after contracting type. 10, high stability of the mechanical structure, the whole machine adopts stainless steel protective box cover and aluminum alloy rigid frame, solid does not rust. 11, bottles of the type of elastic option: can set of round bottle, square bottle, ellipse bottle, the bottle and the bottle. 12, synchronous cutting knife, unique within the scope of the specification, in free cutting knife. If you want to change the specifications, 2 minutes fast. 13, wide applicable scope: is suitable for food, beverage, cleaning supplies, medicines, bottles and so on all kinds of plastic bottles, glass bottles, PVC, PET, PS, such as tin containers. 14, reliable after-sales service: this machine have the spare parts warehouse, may at any time to provide, and experienced engineers to provide technical support for you.
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