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What are the factors affecting beverage machinery and equipment production?

by:Xinmao     2021-02-21
Drink beverage machinery as the name suggests is the production of a kind of production equipment, so what are the factors influencing the beverage machinery and equipment production? We in use after a period of time will find, production quantity and quality will reduce a lot, so what are the factors influencing the beverage machinery and equipment production? Here are small make up for all of us to do simple introduction. There is fluid, which can be according to certain speed under their own gravity any liquid flows through a pipe. Velocity is mainly affected by the fluid viscosity and pressure, liquid thin liquid materials, such as alcohol, juice, milk, soy sauce, etc. These small material viscosity, good liquidity, small flow resistance in the pipeline, too small to beverage equipment requirement. Category for the semi-fluid: in greater than the pressure of its own gravity to flow in the circular tube under the action of liquid called semiliquid, its belong to the liquid more bad of the viscous liquid materials, such as ketchup, grease or other materials, these materials in the container and pipe flow resistance is large, usually need a certain amount of pressure to achieve a predetermined requirement. Viscous flow of body: the product viscosity fluid of more than 10000 centipoise illiquid paste liquid content, with larger external force is needed to make the flow. Such as jam, toothpaste, paste, high viscosity oil or other materials. These materials are generally in a small drink mechanical equipment in the pipeline flow very hard, must exert force to promote its flow. Therefore, this kind of material in packaging for beverage equipment have higher requirements. For low viscosity liquid, according to whether they contain carbon dioxide gas in the liquid, can be divided into two categories, do not contain gas and gas; As to whether can be divided into the soft and hard drinks containing alcohol ingredient. The fluid flow characteristics will be affected by temperature, viscosity, the content of solid particles, decomposability, surface tension or foaming characteristics, the influence of such factors as so filling beverage equipment in the production, to control these factors. The above information is based on the factors influencing the beverage machinery reduce the production of simple information, if you want to know more information about other aspects of beverage machinery, can focus on our official web site, or call our national hotline for free detailed information, hope the above information will help to you.
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