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What are the drinks the water treatment equipment and machinery?

by:Xinmao     2021-03-09
The water in the a, what is the beverage of mechanical processing equipment? SLGP type water treatment device, also known as descaling antiscale instrument, is on the basis of the domestic like product, eclecticism, continuous improvement and upgrading product of the latest research and development. The device does not need to add any chemicals, installation is very easy to use and can be widely used in boilers and circulating water system, central air conditioning and heat exchange equipment, industrial general water treatment equipment, scale of physical, biological and chemical class has the obvious effect of prevention and removal. Second, the characteristics of 1, don't change the chemical properties of water, without any side effect to human body. 2, descaling effect is obvious. The equipment is installed in the water cycle system, the original scale under 2 mm thick, usually 30 days or so can gradually make its mobility, after processing scale is granular, with the sewage discharge pipeline, pipeline system, not jams. Old scale off later, within a certain range no longer produces the new scale. 3, equipment, small volume, simple and convenient installation, can be used unattended for a long time. After 4, water equipment, can make the water become magnetized water, and for a certain role of restrain and kill bacteria in water. 5, anti-corrosion equipment, can prolong the service life of the servo device. Three, application areas 1 and living facilities: a variety of hot water boiler, central air conditioning and heat exchange system, household central air conditioning, wall-mounted boiler, etc. 2, industrial general equipment: air compressor, chillers, heat exchangers, cooler, etc. 3, special industry applications: food, pharmaceutical, alcohol and other industries the antiscaling, descaling, magnetization of water equipment, sterilizing alga. Four 1, technology parameters, the input power supply voltage: 50-220 - v Hz2, output frequency: 60-900 KHZ 5. 5 mhz3, output waveform: sine wave harmonic & lt; 15%, auxiliary engine working pressure: 0. 1 - 1. 6 mpa5, inlet water temperature: 10 - 95 ℃ 6, water hardness: & lt; 900 mg/L, the working principle of any material has its own inherent frequency and scale belongs to inorganic salts, general equipment shell are metal materials, scale and the oscillation frequency of different metal materials. SLGP type electronic water treatment apparatus release of high-frequency oscillation wave to adhere to the scale on the surface of the metal material to produce resonance, break off, namely, its excellent circulation, so as to achieve the descaling effect. At the same time, when the water flow by high voltage, high frequency electromagnetic field, the water of calcium and magnesium bicarbonate ions and bicarbonate ions will be under the action of high voltage, high frequency electromagnetic field, the loss of chemical, physical and the ability to attract each other, and gradually form a crystal ball sank to the bottom, with the sewage discharge, so as to achieve the aim of anti-scaling. Water treatment equipment in beverage machinery is used in reverse osmosis system, which USES electrode making the charged ions in the water on both ends of the module, and cooperate with the ion exchange resin and selective resin membrane, to speed up the ion movement, thus achieve the purification of water, water resistivity can be up to 15 - 18M。 While the hydrogen ion exchange resin regeneration roots and hydroxide with comes from under the high voltage supply by the dissociation of the water, so you don't need to use acid, alkali for regeneration.
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