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by:Xinmao     2021-03-25
1, which mainly include: washing machine, opening machine, grinding machine, beater, juicer, separation machinery, homogeneous machinery, filtration, enrichment machines, heat transfer machines, water treatment equipment, soda, mixer, titian machine, sterilization machine, filling equipment, packing, palletizing equipment and cold drinks such as complete sets of equipment. 2, the classification of the beverage processing machinery and equipment are: fruit juice and tea drink fruit juice beverage production equipment, production equipment, carbonated drinks, vegetable juice beverage production equipment, production equipment plant protein drinks, bottled water production equipment, production equipment and so on six big class. Before 3, beverage processing machinery, processing machinery, processing machinery, packaging machinery, packing, palletizing, etc. 4, production capacity: beer, white wine, rice wine, wine, fruit juice, vegetable juice, wine, beverage such as carbonated drinks, mineral water and pure water is kind of a full set of production equipment. Domestic beverage machinery industry currently include the use of equipment, mostly imported equipment. Introduction of technology digestion and absorption and self-developed accounted for about half the localization of equipment, basically meet the needs of the domestic market, and a small amount of exports.
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