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Water treatment equipment you need to know before buying the eight elements

by:Xinmao     2021-04-15
Water treatment equipment is mainly used to remove ultrapure water, distilled water, mineral water, beer, beverage and other filter in addition to bacteria, has good filtering effect, high quality, compact structure, easy cleaning, etc. Water treatment equipment for melt-blown polypropylene fiber filter element, stainless steel shell and ABS engineering plastic pipe for valve group of precision filter, in preparing drink water, purified water, soften water, mineral water, removed is widely used in the production line. As reverse osmosis, electrodialysis, permeability of water security filters. We in the use of water treatment equipment, the first to pay attention to the following eight points for attention: 1, understanding of local water resources, water quality situation before we buy water treatment equipment, first we need to know your home water, the water quality situation, if you don't know the water quality situation, consult your service provider to provide quality testing services to you. 2, knowing your home water pipe installation and installation space if you are in a state of repair or repair, we need to be in the water and electricity transformation before determine the scheme and design requirements of water purification products, and in accordance with the requirements of the corresponding location and space; If you have already finished decorating, according to the actual situation of home to determine whether there is a corresponding installation space. 3, know you need this type of products that contain the average daily water/water point number/live often number and so on elements, it can be used as the main basis to buy the product model, small make up recommend here should know before purchase. 4, understand the product model and determine the purchase budget once established, then we will determine your purchase budget, and then choose zui suitable products according to budget, don't blindly pursuing function instead, practical and economical choice. 5, know the products of different manufacturers, and the price is necessary for us to understand this step requires us before choosing the working principle of water treatment equipment, advantages and disadvantages, price and so on information, can choose a different manufacturer, comprehensive balance comparison, choose zui suitable products. 6, understand the product installation and maintenance of the space after confirmed the product model, you confirm further confirm product installation and maintenance of the space, let the sales organization to arrange engineer to come to your site inspection, to ensure that your installation and maintenance of late products installation space. 7, understand the basic information of the water treatment equipment manufacturers of water treatment equipment manufacturer basic information including the installation services and after-sales service, purchased product inspection report and qualification certificates and whether the channel to purchase a product or service by the formal elements such as reliable, these elements in the process of we choose or can't be ignored. 8 and understand the cost of the replacement of filter material and the way we know that the water treatment equipment is used for a long time, basically need to later period maintenance and replacement consumables, so would you please when buy comprehensive comparison, consulting clear filter/consumable problems and the corresponding cost, and ensure that subsequent purchase channels you can give your continuing to provide the product of supplies and services.
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