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Water purifiers beverage machinery according to the water treatment can be divided into what kind?

by:Xinmao     2021-01-07
Water purifiers beverage machinery according to the water treatment to can be divided into the following categories: 1, microfiltration and ultrafiltration method micro filtration method is made of cellulose or polymer microporous membrane filter, using the uniform aperture to intercept the particles in the water, colloid, bacteria, etc. , make its blocked filter membrane and has been removed. The microporous membrane filtration technology is also called particle filter technology, can filter micron or nano-sized particles and bacteria. The ultrafiltration and microfiltration belong to membrane separation technology, there is no obvious boundaries between, work pressure of ultrafiltration on 0. About 3 million mpa, can remove macromolecular substances, bacteria, viruses, etc. , but low flux. 2, complex when a process is difficult to remove the water harmful material, using two or more than two kinds of process is complex. Such as activated carbon adsorption? Ultraviolet radiation sterilization, activated carbon adsorption? Reverse osmosis, activated carbon adsorption? Microfiltration ( The ultrafiltration) , polypropylene superfine fiber? Live tian charcoal? Microfiltration ( The ultrafiltration) And so on. In complex water purifiers, membrane technology composite water purifier water purification performance is good, especially in removing microbes ( Bacteria and algae, etc. ) Have a significant effect, some of them are of good quality water purifier water can directly drink, by the vast number of consumers welcome, has become a hot spot for the development of water purifiers. 3 purification, mineralization, refers to the add to the water on the basis of beneficial mineral elements ( Such as calcium, zinc, strontium and other elements) 。 Commercial water purifiers usually by medical stone is added in the water purifier to achieve the purpose of mineralization, but the national ministry of health has explicitly pointed out: & other; Wading products shall not promote any health care function & throughout; 。 4, ozone, ultraviolet radiation sterilization these aspects are only sterilization, remove not to drop the heavy metals and chemicals in the water, after the killing of bacteria body still remain in the water, and become the pyrogen. 5, the whole water the water was invented by Japan's new products, it is the water purification processing first, and then to activation of electrolysis, the alkaline activation of the PH of water environment and human body, have health care function to human body, suitable for drinking; Acid activation water can be used to wash face, take a bath, have hairdressing effect. However, on the whole the whole principle of water, the water quality of water and the influence of human body after use, all have different opinions, need to be further discussed. 6, softening method refers to the water hardness, Mainly refers to the water calcium and magnesium ions) To remove or reduce a certain amount of water. The water in the process of softening, just softening water quality, to improve water quality. 7, distillation method refers to the water to a boil, then gather steam, cooling and forming a liquid coagulation. Distilled water is extremely safe drinking water, but there are some problems for further discussion. Due to distilled water does not contain minerals, it became opponents raised people's life easy ageing. Another use of distillation high cost, the energy cost, can't remove volatile substances in water. 8, boiling method is to point to tap water to boil after drinking, it is a kind of old methods, widely used in the country. Boil water to kill bacteria, but for some chemicals and heavy metals, does not remove even if its content is very low, so is still not safe. 9, RO reverse osmosis RO reverse osmosis membrane is a current international popular way such as reverse osmosis, to filter the raw water ( The physical method) Don't add any compounds and produce available for human direct drinking pure water machine ( Also known as the terminal water purification equipment) 。 Using water quality are in conformity with the Chinese ministry of health 'life drinking water health standards' ( 2001). Stipulated by the municipal tap water as the raw water, through two activated carbon filter ( 1 grain activated carbon, 1 sintering activated carbon) 1 PPF solution spray filter for raw water filter, then to the filtered water pressure makes it through the aperture size of one over ten thousand micron RO ( Reverse Osmosis, English Reverse Osmosis) Membrane, and finally through the material for the nut ( Coconut shell) The activated carbon (silver Also known as small T33) Regulate the water ph value, Make make water taste sweet freshness) And produce the pure water. 10 and the effects of magnetization method is the use of magnetic field treated water, called the magnetization of water treatment. Magnetization treatment is the process of water after the perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic field lines through the magnet, magnetization treatment process is completed. Magnetization of water treatment in our country, so far is still in the early stages of practice and research, not magnetizing water purifier foreign function request, because the magnetized water does not belong to the scope of water purification, but belong to medical problems.
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