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Water fiiling machine

Water fiiling machine


A complete water line solution from Xinmao leverages our knowledge of the entire water bottling process, from minimising waste of resources, to ensuring that your bottle is durable and attractive to consumers. 

Washing part adopts the direct connection technology between the air duct and the bottle feeding wheel, the bottle feeding screw and conveyor chain are eliminated, and the bottle shape is simple and easy to change. 

Bottle transmission adopts the bottleneck clamping technology throughout the whole process. Changing the bottle shape does not need to adjust the height of the equipment. It only needs to replace the arc guide plate, dial wheel and other nylon parts related to the bottle diameter.

The high-speed water production line adopts bottle clamp transmission technology, the bottle shape changes more freely, and the internal working surface of the unit is more concise.

The three-in-one unit completes the three processes of bottle washing, filling and capping at one time, with little bottle wear, accurate and stable transmission, and convenient bottle type replacement. 

The specially designed all-stainless steel bottle washer bottle clamp is sturdy and durable, and does not touch the threaded part of the bottle mouth to avoid secondary pollution of the bottle mouth. 

High-speed and large-flow gravity filling valve, fast filling speed, accurate liquid level without liquid loss.

All parts in contact with liquid are made of high-quality stainless steel materials or food-grade engineering plastics, which meet the national food hygiene standards. 

The bottle bottom support plate of the bottle output wheel adopts a spiral descending method, and the height of the bottle conveyor chain is not required to change the bottle shape.

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