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Warm prompt: drink juice need to pay attention to some problems

by:Xinmao     2021-02-02
1, when to drink fruit juice? How to drink juice? Between meals or before a meal and a half hours is the best time to drink fruit juice. Juice contains a variety of organic acids, aromatic substances and enzymes, can stimulate appetite and help digestion. As a result, often as appetizer before breakfast. Since for & other; Appetizing & throughout; , natural cannot drink off, are generally fine pour slowly to taste, quantity also shoulds not be too much. The rules in school breakfast programs in the United States, breakfast must have a fruit and vegetables, or half a cup of pure water, fruit juice and vegetable juice in fact usually fruit juice. Fruit juices can also eat between meals. But the purpose is not & other Appetizing & throughout; But that its nutritional value. Especially in fruit juice is rich in potassium, iron, selenium, chromium, and other inorganic salts and trace elements, vitamin C, carotene and many kinds of antioxidant activity. In addition, fruit juice and conducive to the absorption of dietary iron. General grain iron absorption rate is very low, only 1% such as rice, bread but also 3%. However, if eat together with rich in vitamin C fruit or fruit juice, can improve 3 - iron absorption 6 times, of course, its nutritional significance is significant. 2, should drink fresh fruit juice sugar? Fresh juice should not sugar. Because juice is a low-calorie food, each hectogram heat content is less than 50 kilocalorie, sugar will increase heat and affect appetite, dinner eat less. So you lost & other; Appetizing & throughout; The role of. In addition, the baby should not sugar juice more, otherwise there will be a great dependence on sweets, and even get into the habit of a lifetime like sweets. Fresh juice heating, because heat will make the fruit aroma is run, more important is that some nutrients, especially vitamin C will be destroyed. 3, is suitable for you drink juice? It should be said that the juice is food for young and old. From breastfeeding baby to a very old man can drink. Juice is considered for 3 months baby vitamin C must add auxiliary food. However, others is not suitable for drinking juice, such as people with canker, acute or chronic gastroenteritis. Among healthy people often drink juice of abdominal distension and diarrhea, this kind of circumstance is fruit juice contains cannot be digested carbohydrates. Poor kidney function, should avoid to drink in the evening, or wake up in the morning, is likely to appear edema. 4, unfavorable with juice medications in children fell ill, some parents to the child with fruit juice water treatment, it is unscientific. In all kinds of fruit juice drinks, mostly contains vitamin C and acidity. Acid and easy to cause a variety of drugs decomposition and melt in advance, go against drugs in the small intestine absorption, affect the efficacy; Some drugs can increase the side effects in the acidic environment, an adverse factors to the human body. Such as infantile fever often with indomethacin, analgin, compound antipyretic analgesics, such as aspirin, a stimulating effect on gastric mucosa, if in acidic environments are more likely to pose a harm to human body. Light person damage of gastric mucosa, stimulate the stomach, the stomach discomfort and other symptoms; The person that weigh can cause gastric mucosa hemorrhage. 5. Smoking is far more damaging to drink fruit juice when Israel medical expert proposal, smoke don't drink juice that are rich in vitamin C, because it may lead to produce harmful substances in the body. People think commonly, have antioxidant effect of vitamin C is the body immune system and prevent smoking harm the good things. But the polytechnic university of Haifa in Israel explores and Laban hospital joint research team found that smoking can cause changes of vitamin C in the saliva performance, be harmful to the health of the material.
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