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Want to open water, need to prepare in advance?

by:Xinmao     2021-02-20
As much as 70% in the human body cell are water. Water is necessary to human activity. As oil resources, increasingly shortage of water resources. So the water industry is very promising. Many clients take a fancy to this point, want to invest in water, but don't know what to plan ahead. So in this simple explanation, if there are any dissent, welcome to communicate. 1, customer: I want to buy a set of water treatment equipment, need to pay attention to? Yang: many manufacturer of water treatment equipment and engineering unit more. Water treatment concept widely, narrow can be understood as water purification, water and sewage. Can also be understood as domestic water, industrial water and so on. You want to invest in waterworks, refers to living in water purification equipment. All over the country in the production of water purification equipment manufacturers, and uneven, good and evil people mixed up. Mainly for the south water treatment equipment production early, production technology is relatively mature, some outsourcing parts processing factory, also make a fine. At the same time also has a high price. The north, including anhui huaibei, shandong jinan and qingzhou local water treatment equipment manufacturers also. Open water, not only need to water treatment, filling and packing part of the whole production line. These can go to zhangjiagang procurement, there has been a large-scale industry. And now the market transparency, water the rest of the form a complete set of equipment, including air purification, QS lab equipment, ozone sterilizing, ultraviolet disinfection, cover pull brush barrels, etc. , triad filling machine, automatic bagging machine, shrink film machine, spray code printer, membrane charter flights, and so on the factory can be customized or supporting production line. Can also be a turnkey project, save time and effort. 2, customer: how much is a set of equipment? Yang: how much is a set of equipment? First of all, please forgive me I can't tell a specific number. This nothing said, of a different set of a set of equipment including water purification equipment, filling equipment, disinfection equipment and packaging equipment. A, the meaning is too broad. If any manufacturer directly answer 8, can, then the manufacturer is not a responsible manufacturer, not to consider his after-sales, just want to sell your product. For example, 150 barrels per hour of small bottled water price 3 - semi-automatic production line and automatic production line Around 40000. Ink printing machine and laser printing machine will differ tens of thousands. About 2000 bottles/hour of bottle blowing machine, semi-automatic and fully automatic to differ the similar. If I want to know the price, please inform the following: a. What is your water source and use of water, well water? The river? The lake? Groundwater? Tap water? Mountain spring? Can go to a local technical supervision for water quality report. Can also take water to the factory inspection, but it does not have sex, just as the basis of equipment configuration. Advice to the local CDC testing, they data issued by the national recognition. B, your site, According to the production of the field, specific see size) C, what would you like to do the positioning is water or ordinary water, on the investigation of the local market, I want to be how much output ( A ton of water can produce 50 buckets of water, bottled water is not quantitative, bottled water is 500 mm, 550 mm, 350 mm, etc. ) 3, customer: I want to go to a mineral water equipment, see what you suggest? Yang: many clients for mineral water, mountain spring, mineral water and pure water still don't understand. Mineral water, the mineral water on the market now has laoshan mineral water, nongfu spring, this is more popular, and maybe the rest of the mineral water. Why is called mineral water so little? That's because the mineral water refers to water quality of water is mineral water production, before the production, testing water quality, water quality in a certain minerals to reach the national standard, and the mineral water that need for three years, every year during the dry season and the plentiful of qualified testing is mineral water, there will be cost of mineral resources exploitation and mining. This can only be done at a lot of costs. Not to mention the future production. If you already have all the above conditions, can produce positive, this is a resources, scarcity of scarcity. If none of this has also promised to do for you, you should consider his after-sales. Mountain spring, fujian, guangxi and other places to produce a lot of mountain spring, especially mountain spring water resources rich there. This part is indeed a good investment projects. Mountain spring water must be protected from a specific mountainous area, area free from contamination, also do not have other pollution into the water surrounding the area. The water itself need to pass the mountain itself purification effect, itself contains a certain amount of mineral, water supply, water treatment equipment is different also. Pure water, if do this zui generally, mineral water, mountain spring, well water, tap water, etc. Can be used to make pure water. Do some manufacturer, mountain spring, pure water, different customer tastes and needs, are appropriate. Mineral water, mountain spring, pure water treatment technology is different. General pure water by reverse osmosis membrane processing, mineral water and mountain spring using ultrafiltration and nanofiltration technology process. Between the three process, high cost of nanofiltration zui, taste better.
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