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Wahaha from selling drinks to build machines

by:Xinmao     2021-06-01
Talk about & other; Wahaha & throughout; Impression, we probably still stays in its mineral water spokesperson wang lee hom has changed since the 1999's. Admittedly, wahaha established products for many years for packaging change little, give consumers a gloomy feeling, however, wahaha in industrial manufacturing this on the one hand, in the front of the Chinese. As an ascending food safety guarantee system of the pilot project all the way, two of the wahaha is how to do it through in-depth integration to realize the intelligent transformation of the traditional food and beverage manufacturing? As early as 2011, wahaha undertook the miit five-year major subject of science and technology, 2012, wahaha began dabbling in industrial robotics, wahaha is now the first completed dozens of production line automatic production. Unlike now most of the domestic manufacturing industry robot, the robot palletizing robot, put straw wahaha, lead-acid batteries, explosive packaging robot assembly robot are all independent research and development. Nowadays, wahaha's robot is not only for their own use, but also to develop it into an industry to increase output. In addition, wahaha also said it would in the biological engineering, strains, high-tech environmental protection and energy saving motor, the respect such as robot industry development. Cross-border intelligent equipment field, wahaha's transformation successfully. So, what is step by step, how to realize industrial transformation of the wahaha? Innovation has now in zong qinghou, wahaha become Forbes and the hurun China rich list & other; Double the richest & throughout; After a lot of people the wahaha's success is attributed to the success of Mr Zong. In 1987, the 42-year-old Mr Zong has borrowed $140000, with two retired teachers depend on a commission basis drinks, stationery, frozen sucker to earn a penny of MAO's low price began to scratch. Experience ups and downs, during his & other; Interlock pattern & throughout; 、“ Employees a stake in & throughout; 、“ In the 90 s for advertising & throughout; All strangers. In reviewing your way to success, he concluded & other; Continuous innovation, and constantly improve the level of technical equipment, and constantly provide new product, provided the impetus for the development & throughout; Is the foundation of wahaha's success. In order to reduce cost and drive benefit maximization, Mr Zong is proposed & other; Introduced the development of new technology, equipment and technology ahead of the people all the time, lowest cost, best quality and highest efficiency. ” It was because of his efforts to create a first-class product line, that intelligent production process with wahaha. Today wahaha adopted based on the modern sensor technology to realize automatic data acquisition, real-time database technology and intelligent control production workshop, the use of the Internet of things online and the logistics management system of intelligent robot technology such as technology, has realized the automatic, digital and intelligent control of the production. Innovation has now wahaha in 2012, wahaha met development crisis, wahaha group revenue for the first time this year to become negative. This for has been rapid development of wahaha is no small impact, however the crisis thing already. Soft drink industry itself is a rely on the meager profit but high turnover of the retail industry, and in recent years, rising raw material prices also, investment, research and development new product of the market risk increasing. In the face of such situation, wahaha chairman zong qinghou keep reason, he said: & other; As a beverage industry leading enterprises, are not 20% a year growth, suggests that the market capacity is not so big, many beverage enterprises in limited market will spread vicious competition; Hurt one thousand since the eight hundred loss, if to vicious competition, then the whole industry will be a problem, home appliance industry is a good example. ” He thought to solve the current dilemma only two road is optional, one is like the Coca-Cola in the face of weak market choose open the international market, the other is to realize the transformation of diversification. Clearly, he chose the latter and opened the market, for the future to white wine, real estate, biology, mechanical and electrical diversified areas such as the stage of expansion. Research and development to create successful transformation of wahaha manufacturing robot is to be self-sufficient, without meaning to enter a trillions of markets: & other; We enter the new and high technology industries, research and development and energy conservation and environmental protection motor robot, originally also has two machinery factory, is the world's first-class equipment, for their services before, do your own mould, now want to development in this aspect. ” During the implement industrial intelligent indeed face many blocks, wahaha also encountered many difficulties, during the period of enterprise transformation, Mr Zong said in the face of emerging industries, to learn from professional enterprises.
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