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Vegetable protein beverage production equipment key technical points

by:Xinmao     2021-05-29
With the expansion of the beverage market demand for crops or plants as the main raw material made of plant protein beverage is developing rapidly, such as chengde, almond, Shanghai immortality, haikou coconut milk, milk is considered high grade nutritional drinks and popular, especially the almond milk and soybean milk is immortal. Because of vegetable protein drinks is different from general acidic beverages, has its own characteristics, so its production process is relatively complex, liable to occur in the production of delamination, metamorphism and so on. Below is soy milk, peanut milk and almond milk production is the key technology about, hope sprang out. The process before a, raw material 1, peanut processing peanut kernel before the process is the focus of the baking. Peanuts contain pancreatic proteinase and antinutritional trypsin hinder factor, after heat treatment, the activity of anti nutrition factor was damaged or lost. Peanut is helpful to remove red after baking, and to avoid the finished product color changes, and the high temperature baking can produce a variety of pleasant aroma, make the finished product has good flavor. When the temperature of the roasted peanuts and ask for greater effects on the quality of products, general control in 110 ℃ ~ 130 ℃, it is advisable to 20 min ~ 30 min. Temperature is too high will produce anxious burnt flavour, and seriously affect the dissolution rate of protein; Temperature is too low to produce fragrant is poorer, finished product smell in my life. 2, soybean pretreatment of soybean pretreatment process is the focus of the enzyme inactivation. Soybean easy odor forming material in machining process, and is thought to be originated from the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acid in soybean, and fatty oxidase was the main factor for unsaturated fatty acid oxidation. Fatty oxidase exists near the soybean skin cotyledon, therefore can be used in front of the soybean crushing heating method, when heated to 120 ℃ high temperature steam 7 s to 8 s. Can make fat in soybean skin enzyme inactivation and does not occur. 3, almond processing of almond before the process is the focus of the peeling to bitter. The bitter almond contains 3% of bitter apricot kernels glucoside, after enters the body that can damage human body cell enzymes, make it can't absorb the dissolved oxygen in the blood, cause the body hypoxia and suffocation. So in bitter almond almond milk as raw material processing, must make the raw material first debitterizing to poison. Bitter apricot kernels glucoside in water solubility, suitable for warm water immersion method is used to take off the bitter to poison, also is to control water temperature of 50 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, about three times of water as the raw material quality, often need to turn, and water in 1 ~ 2 times a day, usually need to 5 days to 7 days. If you don't completely soaked, products not only made of blunt nose to smell. And tastes spicy, drink more has the possibility of poisoning, so make sure bitter almond debitterizing completely to poison, can enter into next working procedure. Second, the influence of pH value to the product 1, the influence of pH value on the protein yield of vegetable protein drinks all contains a certain amount of protein, protein directly influences the yield of the product input-output ratio of raw materials, which influence the cost of the product. In general, under the condition of alkaline soluble protein, which in the case of slurry pH value is higher, and protein yield is relatively high. But if the pH is too high, and can make the product to produce an indication, so the pH of the water grinder general appropriate control at 7. Five or so. 2, the influence of the pH stability of product plant protein beverage in the process of processing and storage, easy to produce delamination phenomenon, the main reason is related to the change of pH value. Normally, the pH of the solution as near to the protein isoelectric point, the more likely it is to make the protein coagulation and precipitation or floating phenomenon. Different plant protein, its isoelectric point also each are not identical, the peanut protein isoelectric point is around 5. 5 ~ 6. Between 5 and the isoelectric point of the soybean protein is about 4. 3, the isoelectric point of the almond protein is about 5. 0. To help plants to protein dissolved in full, to improve the hydration ability, guarantee the stability of vegetable protein drinks, without affecting the product under the premise of taste and flavor, the emulsion should be the pH of the far away from the plant protein isoelectric point, in order to avoid products appear statified phenomenon in the process of processing and sterilization. Three,. Emulsifying agent on the use of vegetable protein drinks is a kind of vegetable protein colloidal solution and oil-in-water type emulsion composition of complex emulsion, unstable in thermodynamic system, appear easily layered, flocculation, merger, burst etc. Phenomenon of demulsification. In order to reduce or avoid the occurrence of the above phenomenon, the use of emulsifiers is one of the effective methods. An ideal emulsifier formula, should with water and oil phase has a strong affinity, usually single emulsifier is difficult to achieve this ideal state, two or more different HLB value of the emulsifier used reasonable collocation, can often play a complementary effect. 1, peanut milk, almond milk because the grease content is higher, selection of composite emulsifying stabilizers. In order to achieve the balance of hydrophilic and oily, can use strong hydrophilic type of oil/water emulsifier sucrose ester stabilizer HB0. 4 to 0. 5%, in order to obtain satisfactory results. 2, with higher content of protein in soybean milk, itself has a certain degree of emulsification, the soybean protein easily when heating heat denaturation, keep the original one, two, three in space conformation of protein molecules, quaternary structure of the secondary key is damaged, form new conformation caused by precipitation. Therefore, by adjusting the emulsion of salt balance ( Adding phosphate) , at the same time control the pH and homogeneous pressure, can effectively prevent the secondary sterilization precipitation.
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