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Vacuum packaging machine industry mixed manufacturing enterprises in China need to speed up the completion

by:Xinmao     2021-05-25
With the raise of people consumption level and to strengthen food safety consciousness, many traditional food vacuum packaging must be used. After vacuum packaging, are packaging can effectively prevent aerobic bacteria breeding, to avoid to cause corruption and deterioration, make food fresh-keeping shelf life growth, extend the storage time of the products, make the food sales growth time, effectively expand sales radius. Vacuum packaging machine industry mixed up our manufacturing enterprises need to speed up the short but in fact, the sour pickled cabbage, pickle, kelp silk, etc not finalize the design product production mode is mostly using artificial measurement, artificial filling in the bag, then artificial in a special semi-automatic vacuum packaging machine vacuum sealing semi-automatic manual packing, far cannot meet the needs of industrial production. Industry analysis, our country traditional food industrialization to a large extent depends on the equipment, equipment and food is a big gap. Packaging machinery function development and application domain expansion has become a traditional food in China from traditional manufacturing key step towards modernization. At present, the international packaging machinery market competition is intense, the overall trend in the development of packaging machinery is tending to high speed, high efficiency, high quality, development focus tended to lower energy consumption, light weight, compact structure, small floor space, high efficiency and style to adapt to the environment and operators and environmental requirements, etc. , and the new alloy materials, polymer materials, composite materials, inorganic non-metallic materials such as new material is in constant popularization and application. Total to, the development situation of packaging industry all the way walk good. Related to the survey, the development of food industry in our country, the packaging automation is one of the most prominent plate results. It not only liberated the hands, have replaced manual labor into mechanical work, and on the efficiency, the production specification is realized the qualitative leap. And vacuum packaging is the hottest, also is one of the most widely used technology, it depends on the production needs, also comes from the huge increase in the field of vacuum packaging machine manufacturing. Vacuum packaging machine market survey report shows that many production of vacuum packaging machinery enterprises in China is given priority to with assembly, main varieties is given priority to with semi-automatic operation, fully automatic continuous, large vacuum chamber and is suitable for the vacuum packing machine is less liquid packaging. Vacuum packaging machine can make work simple, high efficiency, the effect of the packaging out decent, reliable quality. At the same time, meet the demand of the safety in production, more able to ensure that products are original, and brought the most tangible benefits for the enterprise, also brought security guarantee for people's life, basically eliminate the link of food packaging for food contamination. From it, we can also see, vacuum packaging machine production in China, there are still some gap compared with international technology which is the status quo. Domestic packaging machinery mainly embodied in the technical side of control technology and product reliability of the gap is too big, the domestic packaging machinery technology update speed slow, new technology, new material, new technology promotion narrow. From the point of view of packaging machinery products, the domestic packaging machinery equipment lack of high precision and large packaging machinery products, low level of technical equipment, equipment old, low efficiency, poor accuracy, these disadvantages make domestic packaging machinery enterprises lack of competitiveness in the international market. Watch again, we will find that the problems existing in the vacuum packaging machine, is also common problems in food machinery equipment manufacturing industry development in our country, this is our country food mechanism caused by long phase of the basic status quo. In the future, to meet the fierce international competition, grasp the business opportunities in the domestic market, manufacturing enterprises in our country must speed up the completion. Not just in research and development increased investment in money, time, effort, need more innovation consciousness, upgrading of the technological content of products involved, grasp the trends in the development of the market. In addition, the manufacturer must always stick to & other; The quality for this & throughout; The creed, strive for forging enterprise brand, product reputation.
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