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Using the vacuum takes off angry machine to prevent bubbles when canning and high-temperature sterilization effect sterilizing!

by:Xinmao     2021-02-28
A, define the vacuum takes off angry machine use vacuum suction to do role ruled out no non-condensable gas contained in the material liquid device. A dairy, juice and other material is on the line degassing essential equipment. The vacuum takes off angry machine is used to remove the air in the material liquid ( Oxygen) , inhibiting Browning, pigment, vitamin, aroma components and other material oxidation, prevent quality; Can remove the material liquid suspended powder particles in the gas, inhibition of particles floating, maintain good appearance; Prevent bubbles when canned beverage machinery and high temperature sterilization effect of sterilization; Reduce the corrosion on the inner wall of the container. Second, the main technical parameters: KLZT - number type 1 klzt - 2KLZT- 3 klzt - 10 klzt - 15 processing capacity of 1000 l/H2000L/H3000L/H10000L/H15000L/H motor 5 total power. 2 kw6。 2 kw6。 2 kw8kw8kw dimension 1035 & times; 750× 28401135× 780× 30401185× 800× 31401600× 1700× 32501750× 1500× 3500 270 kg350kg450kg600kg800kg weight
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