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Use of machinery in the process of the centrifuge should pay attention to what issues?

by:Xinmao     2021-03-07
Use of machinery in the process of the centrifuge should pay attention to the following items? 1, the centrifuge in the state of precooling, centrifuge lid must be closed, after the centrifugal take turn to pour in the experimental stage, dry the intracavitary residual water, centrifuge cover is open. 2, centrifuges in operation, the centrifuge cannot be moved. 3, centrifuge was laid the ground should be solid, smooth, two leveling screw adjusting the centrifuge contact with the ground and the uniform stress, lest produce vibration. 4, centrifuge tube and liquid should weigh the balance, if charging too much difference operation generates a large vibration, at this time, should stop check, conform to the requirements, the add liquid centrifugal must into the even symmetrical in a test tube. 5, if the runtime centrifugal tube rupture, can cause larger vibration should immediately stop processing. 6, in the process of using beverage machinery of the centrifuge in the event of machine fault, parts damage when you contact technical personnel in time. 7, turn around when the precooling epicranium can put on the platform of the centrifuge, or put on the experimental bench, do you have tight floating on the turn, because once the false start, turn cranium will fly out, cause an accident! 8, in the process of centrifugal, the operator shall not be allowed to leave the centrifuge room, in the event of abnormal operation personnel can't shut the POWER the POWER, according to the STOP. To fill out before precooling centrifuge use record. 9, cranium after tighten must use fingers turn turn to cover any gaps between, such as with a gap to unscrew to tighten, until confirmed without aperture may start the centrifuge. 10, after completion of each centrifugal, must remove the rotor, or for a long time on the shaft, may rust, caused by rotor will take out the centrifuge machine scrap. 11, the service life of the machine rotor for three years, expired should replace the rotor. 12, the time interval of each boot again after downtime should not less than five minutes, so as to avoid compressor plugging and damage. 13 and shall not use fake centrifuge tube, using aging, deformation and crack of the centrifuge tube. 14, during the holidays, and night the last use of centrifuges routine safety inspection before leave. No more than 15, all rotor used its highest speed.
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