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Triad filling machine production line have what advantage

by:Xinmao     2021-03-17

function beverage triad filling machine production line product introduction: 1, the triad filling machine production line automatic control speed regulation system, interface system key electric elements adopt international famous products. 2, the triad filling machine production line adopts hanging card bottle type, change the bottle type is convenient. 3, triad filling machine production line is equipped with constant temperature circulating system, temperature control, automatic reflow. 4, triad filling machine production line spring type pliers hand washing, the bottles with the orbit, automatically turn 180 degrees, the inside and outside two flushing, flushing with high efficiency. 5, pressure type filling liquid surface positioning and quantitative accuracy. 6, magnetic reverse type screw LIDS, ensure that tighten cap without damage. 7, use under the filling head lift, the bottle in the same horizontal plane, to ensure the stability of the in and out of the bottle. 8, triad filling machine production line machine noise is low, can be comparable with international counterparts products.
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