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To high-grade advanced beverage machinery industry

by:Xinmao     2020-12-15
Beverage machinery and equipment imported from abroad in China began in the early 80 s in last century, the development to today's fully able to meet the needs of the domestic beverage manufacturers, walking is a technology import, digestion, absorption and independent innovation, positioning way step by step. Compared with advanced foreign technology, the Chinese beverage processing still exist in the product specification is complete, complete, low level of automation and control, performance instability, single application of advanced technology less faults and weaknesses. Frequent international trade, foreign beverage machinery giant poured into the Chinese market, the acceleration of foreign companies to buy Chinese enterprises in the action, which makes the weakness of domestic machinery enterprises more obvious. The current beverage machinery industry has begun to upscale places into order, made by traditional cottage before turning to the brand enterprise design. Brand products more and more get the welcome of the new middle-class consumers. And domestic development of narrow prevented the whole industry chain extension, it is difficult to form systematic, serialization of development. The lack of brand consciousness makes domestic beverage machinery industry was born not the famous brand enterprise and star products. The expected future beverage machinery market, or have permanent development potential. In addition, the trend of the development of beverage machinery is toward a higher precision, higher speed and quality of development, beverage machinery and equipment more and more tend to be large, so as to adapt to the beverage industry, mass production in order to get better economic benefit. And beverage machinery of mechanical and electrical integration, the use of more could gradually become an important trend for the future development of beverage machinery. Companies to go green, efficient integration of road, the first thing to a conservation-minded road, change the development mode, instead of the single extensive development model, to improve the product quality and competitiveness of high-end beverage machinery enterprise. And beverage machinery industry of China and the world as the market is open to accelerate the process of the internationalization of high-end products will be the height of the market competition, beverage machinery product set security technology will be the mainstream of the future. The development of high-end machinery will enter the fast development of the fast lane. Thus, high-end will be only drink machinery development in our country.
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