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To have what kind of beverage machinery products

by:Xinmao     2020-12-21
To have the following several kinds of beverage machinery products ( All are not included) : 1, 2, 3 electric heating mash tun, ozone sterilization machine main function is to reverse osmosis unit disinfection 4, water filling machine 5, juice, hot filling concrete equipment beater is mainly in order to prevent raw material in the process of pulp slurry went down, in the process of pulping, due to the continuous stirring, can improve the viscosity of slurry, and to improve its suspension property, improve the stability of pouring, fruit and vegetable crusher 7, 6 double filter double filter can remove a small amount of solid particles in the liquid of small equipment, can the normal work of the protection device, when the fluid is placed into a certain size of filter cartridge, the impurity is blocked, and clean the filtrate by filter outlet, when need to wash, just remove the removable cartridge, repack after processing, are so has the characteristics of the use of convenience. 8, ultra high temperature instantaneous sterilization machine is suitable for the fresh milk, juice, beverage, frozen sucker, and ice cream paste, soy sauce, soybean milk, condensed milk, wine and other liquid materials of instantaneous sterilization, sterilization of liquid materials can also be used for. The device of feeding and discharging adopt t cock, flow can according to need to adjust, use and reliable. 9. Pulper beverage machinery, etc
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