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The working process of the small bottled water production line

by:Xinmao     2021-02-24

the working process of the small bottled water production line: through empty bottle conveying system into the bottle filling machine bottle wheel, mounted on the thumbwheel bottle clip will be separated certain spacing of bottle continuously into the triad tuming machine in one. Tuming machine mounted on the back wheel card bottle type stainless steel bottle clamp, clamp of bottle bottle along the guide rail turn 180 °, the bottle down. In a particular area at bottle machine, bottle clamp on the spray nozzle disinfectant before spraying sterile water ( If there is no required only a bottle) , for disinfection, rinse the bottle lining. The bottle after disinfection, rinse and drain in bottle clamp clamping down along the guide rail and then turn 180 °, the bottle up. Perfectly on the thumbwheel pull torsional clamp washing after washing the bottles from the bottle machine and filling machine. Stepping into the filling machine bottle bottle clamp stuck bottle on the lifting mechanism, in the bottle under the action of lifting mechanism and CAM to realize rise and fall. Bottle hoist up the bottle open contact, filling valve after finish filling process. After the filling bottles of lifting mechanism under the action of CAM, falling, falling into zui, low by transition on the thumbwheel twist clip finish filling the bottle from the filling machine and screw cap machine. Stop screw cap on the screw knife stuck bottlenecks, to keep the bottle upright and prevent rotation. Screw in the screw cap on the modesty of revolution and rotation, the CAM under the action of grab cover, set of cover, screw cap, cap off action, complete the whole process of block. Finished product bottle through a bottle thumbwheel from screw cap machine transferred to the bottle on the conveyor chain, triad one out by the conveyor chain transmission.
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