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The working principle of bottled water production line

by:Xinmao     2021-05-02
When it comes to bottled water believe that everyone is very familiar with, believes that many people would choose it as drinking water. Bottled water production line, of course, can not also lose bottled water filling equipment manufacturer, so small make up today is to introduce you to the working principle of bottled water filling machine. 1. Washing bottle: washing bottle after five station, the first location using chlorine dioxide solution washing disinfection, washing time is adjustable, the first location time is 12 s, the second location for 12 s, the third location is 12 s, the fourth station to clean water, time is adjustable according to different requirements, the fifth station is will be rinsed clean net residual moisture out of the barrel. 2. Filling: dry clean the barrel through the transmission mechanism chain conveyer, fell on the rotary bucket mechanism, rotary bucket mechanism will empty barrels centralizer, filling valve is pressure, began filling, the filling time can be adjusted according to the filling pump flow. 3. Filling and capping when filling at the end of a barrel of transmission mechanism will be filled with water barrels to cover machine set cover, set of good cover barrels to gland body, gland cylinder pressure, the lid at this point, a washing filling cycle is complete
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