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The work process of mineral water triad filler

by:Xinmao     2021-01-20
Automatic production line for mineral water triad washing, filling and capping machine working process: the bottle by through the wind to send, and then through the star wheel dial the bottle sent to trine tuming machine in one. Tuming machine back wheel is equipped with bottles clamp, clamp of bottle bottle along a guide rail to flip 180 & deg; , make the bottle down. In a particular area at bottle machine, bottle clamp nozzle impact and bottle of water, to wash the bottle inside. Bottle after rinse, drain in bottle clamp clamping down along the guide rail to flip 180 & deg; Bottle up. After wash the bottle bottles in dial the bottle of star wheel by punching machine export and sent to the filling machine. Into the bottle filling machine by the bottleneck of supporting board and under the action of CAM bottle rise, then the bottle to open the filling valve. Using gravity filling way. On the filling valve material by filling valve complete filling process, the end of the filling bottle fell out filling valve, the bottle through the card bottleneck transition to dial into the screw cap machine. Stop screw cap on the screw knife stuck bottlenecks, to keep the bottle upright and prevent rotation. Screw in the screw cap on the modesty of revolution and rotation, the CAM under the action of grab cover, set of cover, screw cap, cap off action, complete the whole process of block. Finished product bottle through a bottle thumbwheel from screw cap machine transferred to the bottle on the conveyor chain, triad one out by the conveyor chain transmission. Principle of automatic production line for mineral water features: 1, the body structure is good, complete control system, convenient operation, high automation. 2, and material contact parts are made of stainless steel manufacturing, health, easy to clean. 3, the adoption of cap system, has the perfect feed technology and protection devices. 4, the overload protection device, can effectively protect the machine equipment and the operator. 5, automatic control, water level control system with material card bottle automatic stop device, etc. 6, adopts hanging filling, different type bottle, bottle thick book can be used. 7, automatic host mineral water production line is controlled by frequency conversion transfer belt, can be easily made by ability to adapt to the speed control. 8, micro electric data control, stable performance, to make the operation simple and more human. 9, air cylinder filling power, high productivity, simple structure, easy maintenance. 10, screw cap part of the automatic sliding device, screw-top elastic properly.
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