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The wind blade type dry machine

by:Xinmao     2021-03-28
Xinmao beverage filling machinery manufacturer of air knife blow drying machine is mainly composed of vortex blower, stainless steel and glass frame and the composition of air knife. Working principle is to use the vortex blower produce wind blowing outside the bottle of water, to facilitate the next step spurt the code. With double row of small wind knife, bottle of different height diameter also has a strong suitability. 1, this series of dryer is mainly used to paste trademark bottle blow dry. 2, to adopt advanced technology of advanced air knife, stable performance, low temperature operation, but the degree is high. 3, blowing temperature of 60 ℃, blow drying effect is good, suitable for the high-speed beverage production line. 4, the wind can be adjusted in the direction of the up and down or so each, according to the need to adjust the dry area, the operation is simple. 5, low energy consumption, it is the best dry wine packaging line equipment.
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