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The whole line of packaging solutions to the attention of the users more

by:Xinmao     2021-02-16
Whole line packaging solutions including: bottle blowing, filling, label, packing, etc. , it can from the whole line process, engineering design, planning, personnel management for the user to save the packaging cost. In particular, the current beverage production enterprise under the pressure of market competition, hope that through continuous development of new products and innovative packaging form to adapt to the needs of the consumers, and then win the broader market. So in this case, the beverage machinery production enterprise must through the change of the packing line to achieve the change of product packaging. We can cite some examples: to change a bottle type, such as beverage enterprises change the bottle upright to arc bottle or change the round bottle to bottle, from bottle blowing, filling these will require suppliers to provide to the packing of each link corresponding solutions, make the whole production line to meet the production requirements of the bottle, when a single supplier of equipment than several equipment suppliers can more quickly and better to complete the whole renovation. As the domestic beverage market products increasingly renovation and price competition, domestic beverage enterprises expect global beverage equipment manufacturers to provide a more competitive price of the whole line solution, namely & other; Globalsupplier; localsup-port” 。 Under the demand, suppliers at home and abroad through different ways to improve their own packing line. Such as west much company through the acquisition of the top filling equipment suppliers ─ ─ Simon naxi, and has a strong labeling technology suppliers ─ ─ al cutting and become the beverage packaging the ability to provide top supplier of line. At the same time, domestic beverage equipment manufacturers, such as guangzhou tech-long, nanjing light industry and other suppliers to provide low, medium speed ( 18000 ~ 24000 bph) Beverage packaging line also highlighted its potential and advantage, mainly manifested in the whole line of very competitive price, good local technical support and after-sales service, and relatively low maintenance and so on. In addition, still need to improve the whole factory suppliers engineering technical support, consulting, supporting and service ability.
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