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The use of the mineral water production line

by:Xinmao     2021-05-25
Mineral water is beneficial to human body contains a certain amount of minerals and reflect characteristic of trace elements or other, up to the standard of drinking water in a water safety and health. Mineral water production line using range: 1, surface water, river water or well water drinking treated by mineral water production line: saving water plant processing, mineral water, full of national drinking water standard, and ultrafiltration membrane system with high recovery rate ( 90%) , mineral water production line equipment investment and low operating cost, low energy consumption, etc. 2, the improvement of living standards, now everyone's home drinking water purification, unit and living community group: mineral water production line of tap water for secondary processing, not only in addition to the large amounts of suspended solids, colloid particles and water, could make the water clean, clear transparent, but also to remove the organic matters, such as e. coli bacteria and pathogenic substances, make water clean straight drinking water; 3, as a host part of the mineral water production line, the mountain spring equipment, can effectively filter out the mineral water of suspended solids, organic matter, bacteria and harmful material such as e. coli, make mineral water transparency increased significantly, and retains the mineral water of various minerals beneficial to human body health; 4, the preposition used in RO system: can the source water turbidity to below 1 ntu, completely remove the suspended solids in the water, colloid, bacteria, and organic materials to ensure a stable water rate and desalting rate of RO membrane.
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