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The use of the beverage screw cap machine matters needing attention

by:Xinmao     2021-03-22
Drink cap unscrewing machine can be used with all kinds of beverage production line, equipment is widely used, screw cap machine is widely used in food and beverage industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, screw cap machine equipment itself has reasonable structure, excellent performance, high speed, simple operation and convenient maintenance. Stable quality, important parts adopt acid aluminum, stainless steel materials, suitable for the diameter of the different type bottle production. Screw cap machine to tighten after vacuum bottles, this extended the packing materials, save time, reduce the failure rate of screw cap machine, improve the efficiency of screw cap machine packaging. How to correctly operating screw cap machine: 1. Thread rolling wheel adjustment: put the bottle on the bracket, bracket peaks, loosen the lock nut on the screw rolling wheel adjustment, make the two screw rolling wheel ( Have a spring) Edge on the bottle of centromere, loosen locking nut, and then to adjust the adjustment screw, two screw rolling wheel edge into contact with the lid, it is advisable to a little pressure, then lock nut; 2. Caps lock: loosen the screw and take down the LIDS, to remove the locks, install the appropriate plastic locks on the taper sleeve, and then adjust the bracket lift height, meet the job requirements; 3. Lock wheel adjustment: two wheel lock mouth, loosen the lock nut and adjust the wheel lock, the two lock mouth edge wheel contact with the lower edge of the bottle cap, a little pressure, then lock nut ( Note: the adjustment shall be made to tight, pull (locks while adjusting) ; 4. Height adjustment: to start the machine to make bracket fell to the lowest point, and then put the bottle on the bracket, loosen nut, flipping the adjustment screw make bracket, and then adjust the bottle cap and covering the appropriate distance ( General factory adjustment in place) 。 After we buy all kinds of beverage machinery, it is necessary for the operator to strict training, strictly perform manual operation process, reduce the equipment failure, greatly extend the service life of our equipment.
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