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The use of beverage filling production line and maintenance knowledge

by:Xinmao     2020-12-03
Beverage filling production line is mainly used for beverage filling machine operation. This series of filling production line is a collection of washing, filling, sealing, suitable for all kinds of fruit juice drinks, tea drinks hot filling machine production, change a few parts, using pure water, mineral water filling. Using advanced micro gravity filling principle of negative pressure filling machine speed, stable, accurate, the material flow system with perfect, can be achieved when the independent gas returns, not contact with the material, reduce the secondary pollution and material oxidation. Below by zhangjiagang best borui machinery co. , LTD. Small make up to introduce the beverage filling production line and maintenance method of use: 1, beverage production line due to the beverage production line is an automated, so easy pull a bottle, bottle of pad, bottle size requirements. 2, you must shake before using the handle on the beverage production line, to see whether there are abnormal rotation, don't know the normal driver can. 3, adjust the beverage production line, the tool should be used correctly and strictly forbidden to use too much tools or too much force to remove parts, to avoid damaging parts or affect the performance of the production line. 4, when the filling production line adjustment, must loose screws, turn the beverage production line with rocker handle, look to whether satisfies the requirement of drive. 5, filling machine must be kept clean, beverage production line in the process of production, keep clear liquid or shards of glass, so as to avoid damage the filling machine. The beverage production line transfer before 6, the surface should be clean, and in the activities section with clean lubricant. 7, should be a big brush once a week, in particular, are usually not easy to wipe clean places use or with compressed air blowing.
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