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The use and maintenance of carbonated beverage filling machine

by:Xinmao     2021-01-17
The history of the development of the market today, for the application of filling machine, has been very popular. And the embodiment of upgrading the carbonated beverage filling machine for filling machine, fully automatic packaging machines for industrial development has a significant impact. After all mechanical automation is the trend of development, any industry related production are constantly thinking of automation development. Therefore, for the use of the carbonated beverage filling machine will gradually increase, the corresponding in use process, will encounter many problems need to enterprises to give importance to it. Application and maintenance, especially match for the filling machine has direct influence of use for a long time. Using and maintenance of carbonated beverage filling machine, for its use in the process, often means that the filler filling accuracy of adjustment problems. Filling accuracy is a key factor in using filling machine, also is the premise of guarantee the quality of products, so for the filling accuracy adjustment, should attaches great importance to by enterprises. For filling for the adjustment, mainly divided into three steps, the first is produced mainly by the error of filling volume, filling speed, up and down the speed of valve to determine. Up and down the speed of valve associated with the viscosity of the product, the greater the viscosity, the slower the valve switching speed. Secondly, to adjust the spring pressure valve should be through the test of measuring and filling operation personnel experience to determine. Finally, the adjustment valve switching speed of the main valve spring pressure. Spring pressure increases, the switching speed of the valve. Because of filling machine is a model of modern automatic filling machine, so also should be pay attention to in terms of equipment and related maintenance. In the process of maintenance, automatic packaging machine, should pay attention to a lot of operational details. First of all, the filling machine for no power Settings, air source for 4 - normally 6公斤。 In the process of filling machine for related unpick and wash, not directly flush with water. If the filling machine of material overflow mouth appear, according to the urgent stop switch, safety guarantee workshop in order. And don't pull out plug for filling machine circuit device, so as to avoid leakage. If the filling machine in the process of operation, the improper operation caused cylinder ejector can not return, please click this button to reset. Also need to pay attention to the maintenance is filling machine, fully automatic packaging machines to do a filling machine maintenance work, there are many problems need attention. Therefore in the process of for filling machine for maintenance, should pay attention to: the automatic filling machine the machine body for stainless copper shell, please do not use hard, sharp edge tool scraping the surface. When unpick and wash piston and to loosen the screw holding on at the same time, in order to avoid the hurt when the first impact to another process requirement. Before piston type filling machine cleaning, should be cleared within the remaining product, and then within the tank filled with soft cleaning fluid, it is recommended to use warm water. If you need to use soap and water, alcohol or other cleaning fluid. The cylinder filling machine in the factory has good lubrication, please don't open or any lubricating oil.
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