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The triad beverage filling machinery play a better performance at ordinary times need to pay more attention to standard operation

by:Xinmao     2021-03-08
Once the beverage machinery and equipment failure, will affect the production of the enterprise. Only by making equipment can normal, long run, will not affect the production of beverage machinery. In order to make the triad filling beverage machinery play a better performance, and prolong service life, usually need to pay more attention to standardized operation, and strengthen the maintenance. Regularly check each part of the triad beverage filling machine screw, avoid loose phenomenon. In any case can flush the fuselage directly, otherwise it will damage the electrical control components, there will be an electric shock risk. Electrical parts should be paid attention to waterproof, moistureproof, anticorrosive. Electric cabinet and terminals need to keep clean and avoid electrical fault. Regularly clean the dust inside the electrical cabinet, in case of poor contact, etc. After downtime should be timely clean beverage machinery and equipment. New triad beverage filling machinery in use within a week must check the fastening parts to drive and activities, refueling and maintenance, monthly check must be regularly maintenance in the future. On a regular basis to the triad beverage filling machinery of the gear mesh, arrange ushering bearing oiling hole filling oil lubrication and all moving parts. When filling oil, pay attention to don't put the oil on the drive belt, avoid skid or belt aging damage.
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