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The three factors influencing the vertical labeling machine price

by:Xinmao     2021-05-31
Vertical labeling machine adopts advanced rolling stick a label, USES the computer controlled optical fiber, synchronous tracking and the marking is controlled by step motor or servo motor, automatic detection of container and the label size, and advanced functions such as automatic positioning, ensure the labeling synchronization, automation. Host way by microcomputer control, touch large LCD panel, display and hidden within 10 groups memory device, is the modern advanced electromechanical integration equipment. Use single optional distribution ( ) Raw material, also can use direct production line, with excellent performance and reliable work. It can also be equipped with complete label printing printer synchronization. Is easy to clean, not moldy, labeling after beautiful, strong, not to fall off, high production efficiency, etc. Vertical labeling machine is made of 304 stainless steel and after anodizing of aluminium alloy, accord with GMP standard, applicable to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and other industries automatic labeling of containers. Below small make up for all detailed to introduce the three major factors influencing the vertical labeling machine price: 1, vertical labeling machine needs to have a mature technology team and the combination of core processor can produce stable high-precision labeling machine. PLC and electric eye is the core of the labeling machine is important equipment, electric eye is particularly important, because it is the key to the whole machine labeling degrees, to select qualified brand. 2, vertical labeling machine equipment material and processing technology of labeling machine assembly parts use the imported aluminum after plating oxidation treatment, does not rust in humid environment, natural more expensive than ordinary aluminum price. Parts of the processing can be divided into manual processing and CNC ( Nc machine tool) Processing, CNC processing error of parts in 5 ( 1 wire & asymp; 0. 05mm) Built around the labeling machine labeling with high precision. 3, buy vertical labeling machine is also bought brand after-sales. Hope to buy the products customers will success manufacturers have a good after-sale, especially for machinery and equipment. Because machines need relevant technical personnel to solve it, there is only one good after-sales team, customers buy rest assured. Above is the small make up on three major factors affect the vertical labeling machine prices, if you want to learn more about vertical labeling machine product information, consultation!
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