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The theory of three directions for the future development of beverage machinery and equipment

by:Xinmao     2021-04-01
Heat of the day, New Year's day is a holiday, the beverage market demand will rise, beverage industry will also be in the appropriate time to increase production. So, more consumers tend to what kind of drinks? Enterprises in the face of consumer this tendency and how the introduction of production equipment? Beverage machinery development should grasp the three directions of the beverage industry development in the aspect of the comprehensive factors also led to the development of national economy, in order to improve the socialist people's living standard made due contributions, believe in the beverage diversified demand of the market environment of beverage machinery market will have a new development. Beverage market segmentation, also for beverage machinery more higher requirements are put forward. Beverage machinery is used in the manufacture of all kinds of beverage machinery, generally consists of many mechanical production line for processing all kinds of beverage, water treatment equipment, blunt bottle machine, filling machine, sealing machine, sterilization equipment, etc. Beverage machinery comes into being with the production of beverage industry, and develops along with the development of the soft drink industry. The present condition of the beverage market status, health drinks industry class category growth stable, rather than a class category of poor health. Due to the material life rich, the residents' consumption level, consumers increasingly attention to health, so in product consumption also tend to choose healthy drinks, such as drinking water, fruit juice, vegetable protein beverage, herbal tea, sports drinks, and the high sugar content of carbonated drinks, tea drinks are no longer popular. So, the domestic beverage market participants should comply with consumers' preferences for product adjustment, to stabilize the market. Status quo and momentum of preserve one's health health drinks, industry participants into the industry. Rock sugar snow pear, herbal tea and so on the emergence of led to further health health beverage industry tide, companies are now choosing the development direction. Such as enterprise of honey grapefruit tea industry, the development of loquat runfei tea, outside the enterprise most is, saint pharmaceutical companies such as tai chi group, zhong xin pharmaceutical intervention. Pharmaceutical companies join health health drinks, with research and development, raw materials, and many other advantages, but the beverage industry and pharmaceutical industries from competition to the terminal there are differences, pharmaceutical companies into considering future challenges at the same time also need to consider. Status quo of the three, beverage industry inside most of the market structure is the basic category, higher barriers to entry. Such as packing drinking water industry, master kong, nongfu spring, wahaha, China resources four companies accounted for more than 70%; Fruit juice industry, kang teacher, unity, huiyuan, Coca-Cola four companies accounted for more than 60%; Sports drink red bull is a dominant industry. In the market structure is the basic category, new entrants to obtain certain achievement, there is quite a difficult. So, with this as a new product category, or can rushes out a slice of heaven and earth. The current domestic beverage machinery presents three main trends: the direction, to produce power need, the higher the better so that we can reduce the source of goods, meet the delivery date. High-speed packaging machine need before and should have relevant connection, do not need to transport links, including control, the entire production line according to the production and packaging processes are put to do reverse, and sizable downtime. Such as cold filling production line online automatically from plastic raw materials to the beverage filling and large packaging stacking all automatically in a closed shop. Direction, two commodities update changes more flexible packaging machinery to highly flexible and flexibility, production line promised within a certain range of standard packaging size can be changed. Because goods far shorter than the life cycle of equipment service life and change the goods and packaging not exchange valuable packaging production line. Three direction, needs to be automatically recognized function on the one hand, can automatically identify the thickness of the packaging materials, such as hardness, resilience, through computer response to the manipulator to adjust action, promise not to rebound. On the other hand, all kinds of different goods, such as a variety of shapes of chocolate or snacks, etc. , to the same box, it is put have rules. Goods production line transfer is unordered, probe scan are available, and to determine the material orientation of different shapes, and response to different manipulator, it can accurately put kindergarten the items according to the accurate orientation and direction of the plate, fast and exact, visual fatigue and finger to clean up the manual operation. Beverage machinery enterprise to grasp the current popular drink at any time, adjust product structure, research and development for new products in time. To recognize the development trend of beverage industry and make some competition strategy or launch new product can help companies more smoothly and freely in the face of the market.
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