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The ten priority to the development of packaging machinery is the most suitable for our country!

by:Xinmao     2021-02-26
1, bag forming, filling sealing equipment at present packaging industry urgently needs to solve the problem of powder automatic packing, send [ll] exhibition series products and supporting device, improve the packaging speed. The bag ( 500 grams of package) Grain to reach 60 min bag packaging equipment, small bag reaches more than 160 bags of min. Focus on developing scope of weighing about 1000 grams, at the same time apply single film and composite film packaging materials packaging machine. 2, sterile packaging equipment to improve small packaging equipment production capacity and operation reliability, aseptic packaging machinery products development cup type, fill the domestic blank. Study of various sterilization corresponding form, develop complete sets of equipment, to meet various requirements. 3, can complete sets of equipment development mercury-free welding wheel and a dedicated power supply, improve production speed, fifteen plan to the end at least 80 mmin. 4, strapping packaging equipment to develop various forms of strapping machine, push our country fruit and vegetable, daily provisions, industrial materials packaging automation level. Development of desktop and large plastic strapping machine, strapping machine, research and development side stick cargo strapping machine, in the process of the adhesive tape development suitable for the weight ( Steel, etc. ) Automatic strapping packing of continuous steel strapping machine. In the sealed container equipment, the main development of multi-function disassembly and stacking equipment. 5, wrapping package equipment to improve domestic wrapping package packing ability, development of medium-sized wrapping package size equipment, packing speed stability should reach 160 bags of min. And improve product reliability and safety of operation. At present domestic auxiliary equipment to expand the application scope of, so be more efforts to develop auxiliary equipment, improve the ability of the packaging. 6, measuring equipment research master combination electronic technology actively, develop various measurement methods, to adapt to the needs of different material, improve the measurement precision and speed and stability. 7, corrugated board production and box ( Box) , printing equipment at present, many domestic corrugated board production equipment, but mostly is backward, the low speed and high energy consumption products, must be positive development of updating and upgrading of products, focus on developing more than 2 meters wide and 5 layer, layer 7 and 9 layer corrugated cardboard box production equipment, as well as system ( Box) Printing complete sets of equipment, production line production speed should be stable in more than 180 mmin, actively cooperate with computer centralized control, make equipment performance and do the related technical parameters and convenient adjustment. Proactively develop complete sets of equipment of honeycomb paperboard. Eight, heavy bag packaging equipment to improve domestic semi-automatic bag ( More than 25 kg) The quality and reliability of packaging machinery, production capacity of 600 - positive research 800 h bag fully automatic packaging equipment, in order to meet the requirement of packaging industry development. 9 domestic beer packing equipments, packing and boxes can meet the requirements of beer enterprises in low speed production line, but it is lack of the material such as plastic packaging bag items of automatic packing equipment, need to research, developed and manufactured as soon as possible, and the corresponding development of transportation, sorting and automatic sealing equipment, and reliable performance and low price printing device. Focus on developing various kinds of packaging equipment, equipment items in the boxes to simplify structure, improve the speed and reliability. 10, beer, beverage filling equipment development series of beer, beverage filling equipment, 50000 tons of the small and medium-sized beer, beverage filling equipment is a transitional product, should be on the technical upgrading. Development of secondary vacuum filling machine, meet the market demand; Development of high speed labeling machine, fill the domestic blank; The research and development of all kinds of on-line detection device and high-speed transmission technologies. Because domestic beer companies more than 80% of the production capacity of 50000 tons, its equipment update period has already begun, in the case of the beer production concentration is not high, must seize market opportunities, improve the product quality and performance of medium speed machinery, to meet the needs of the development of the market. To track the world development trend, and actively develop new packaging technologies. Development that applies to more than 100000 tons of production capacity production line, especially the technical difficulties to conquer labeling machine. To adapt to the beverage industry production, the development direction of dispersed filling and mixing technology and equipment development site, the development of high speed, low consumption, the advantages of precision in measurement, automatic detection of multifunctional, automatic large-scale equipment, make the filling, capping and labeling of production efficiency, improve the technical level of beer and beverage filling. So, to sum up, is with the emergence of new packaging materials, packaging machinery and packaging technology innovation and development. With mechanical equipment comprehensive upgrade is general trend of China and even world beverage packaging machinery. Upgrading of the main features are: a large number of transplantation using a variety of civilian and military industry modernization and high precision technology, electronic technology, microelectronics technology, edge technology, fuzzy technology, accelerate the further improve the security and reliability of packaging machinery and equipment and production lines, unattended operation automation level. Intelligent will enter the whole world of packaging machinery and equipment and production lines.
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