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The tea drink production line key technical requirements

by:Xinmao     2021-04-01
Tea drinks in China basically is given priority to with PET plastic bottle packaging. For tea, high-speed centrifugal separation, extracted with the use of warm after get clear tea drinks, using UHT sterilization, finally made assembling tea drinks beverage production line complete filling sealing. Relevant experts believe that the PET bottles and cans and glass bottles, compared with light quality, low price, easy to drink, and the advantages of transparent bottle wall, make the products be clear at a glance, to attract attention. In addition, PET bottle is easy to machining, in different products can be combined with all kinds of masterbatch, products unique tonal, such as processed into green, rise to adjust the consumption psychology, increase the stability of the product, prevent the oxidation of the products are. But with mineral water and coke, tea beverage bottle is not the same. Cola carbonated drinks, PET bottle requirements to prevent seepage of CO2 and O2. Ordinary PET bottle on the resistance to acid and alkali and high temperature has certain defects, above 60 ℃, the temperature of bottleneck ministries to contract and softening, smaller volume, shape distortion. High temperature resistant PET bottle which is developed in the early 90 s, raise the temperature resistance of bottle to about 95 ℃, so that we can make the tea beverage in 85 ℃ ~ 90 ℃ under the condition of hot filling. Kang teacher in our country and so on many kinds of drinks manufacturers are using this process equipment. PET bottle as tea beverage packaging container, must solve three key technology anti microbial breakdown. Microbial breakdown must be applied to prevent tea beverage aseptic packaging method, to ultra high temperature (tea drinks UHT) After sterilization, to hot filling and sealing in the clean room, cooling into products after keeping time. Use of tea juice tea polyphenol content inhibiting microbial growth. To prevent the tea turbidity. Tea turbidity mainly black tea beverage production needs to solve problems, to water from tea juice extraction technology of water quality, the tea raw materials, extraction technology and enzyme application aspects such as solution. Aseptic packaging technology, it is the production of tea beverage in 1990 major technical innovation. Half aseptic filling technology in addition to the tea beverage containing antibacterial effect of tea polyphenols, also in tea drinks nutrition lack, almost can not meet the requirement of the microbial nutrition, the premise, so for less nutritious milk tea, tea polyphenol content of mixed tea and entirely without wheat tea, tea polyphenols with hot filling method to produce PET bottles of tea beverage is extremely difficult. Beverage production line is compared with the traditional hot filling beverage processing technology, for non-carbonated drinks, the traditional production process is to preheat or cold products into the bottle, Tank) , after the block according to certain sterilization formula for pasteurization or high temperature sterilization, then cooling and drying made products. Hot filling is first to UHT sterilization or HTST sterilization products, under the temperature of 80 ℃ ~ 95 ℃ in filling, capping the temperature after the use of the product itself to sterilization packaging container wall and cap. Abroad in the 80 s to this technology is widely applied in the soft drink industry, Japan's hot filling beverage production has more than 1987 cold filling products. Beverage production line of hot filling technology has high efficiency, energy saving effect, because of the hot filling process all operations are completed on the assembly line, can effectively improve the production efficiency, reduce energy consumption and manual operation, hot filling process can maximally save product flavor and nutritional ingredients, because hot filling beverage should be carried out jointly with the HTST or UHT sterilization, heating and cooling is very quickly, without seal after secondary sterilization, so it can reduce the heating time of products, reduce the thermal destruction of flavor and nutritional ingredients, there are no second sterilization, at the same time reduces the working procedure of bottle and jumped cover, the common acid drinks, beverage production line is very suitable for hot filling process, because the product itself has a certain acidity, can have the effect of bacteriostasis, the neutral drinks, such as tea drinks, vegetable juice, etc. , the application of this technology will have high technical requirements, strong product quality control system and means of filling the strict environment even to achieve aseptic filling operation requirements.
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