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The recycling of beverage machinery technology and back flow of control

by:Xinmao     2020-12-19
1. After UHT sterilization equipment external backflow when the material sent to the filling machine, if the temperature of the material is lower than the set value T, material from outside the V4 valve pipe to return to the reheated UHT sterilization, effectively controlling the pouring temperature, this process is called external reflux. 2. Backflow in the process of filling in the process of beverage filling machinery, different material filling state and stability of each are not identical, both affect the filling speed, easy to produce half a bottle again. Xinmao drink machinery by produce certain negative pressure suction fan, in the process of filling rapidly inhale and bubbles of air inside the bottle, can not only improve the filling speed, and solves the phenomenon of half a bottle, but also effectively avoid the bottle to bulge and materials produced by other filling way spillover phenomenon. 3. No bottle filling valve under the states of backflow due to various reasons in the process of filling in downtime, may cause the lower temperature inside the cylinder and valve material. At this time by filling valve internal reflux pathway materials can still be at a certain flow in filling process flow, make the cylinder and filling valve with new materials, in order to make the cylinder and the temperature of the filling material in the valve to maintain the required range, meet the needs of real drinks hot filling. 4. Back to flow back to the control of flow control is a very important beverage machinery and key technology, indispensable. Back to too much traffic can cause material repeated heating sterilization cause the change of the taste and flavor of drink, and even affect the immanent quality of drinks. Xinmao mechanical filling machine, operating outside the open valve cylinder on the filling valve, valve CAM, suction fan and electrical control system to control the flow back. When a bottle opening valve cylinder, rotate the lever to open the filling valve, after the materials meet the requirements of the required level in the bottle, closing valve CAM closed filling valve, stop filling; No bottle cylinder action, the filling valve is not filling. And closing valve CAM also can be adjusted according to the material characteristic and the filling state of closing valve position, real effectively control irrigation return flow in the process of loading.
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